We’re Nuts For Coconuts

Posted: September 2, 2020

Coconut is a refreshing note that compliments fruity flavors, chocolatey flavors and every flavor in between. Coconut also translates well into non-dairy coffee creamers as well as spray dried and agglomerated lipid nutritional systems. As you can see, we have many reasons to go nuts for coconuts! In this blog post, we are spotlighting two of our coconut Feature Flavors from our flavors systems as well past years along with a few other coconut applications we offer.

Our Coconut Pie in the Sky flavor is coconut cream pie ice cream with twists of a rich meringue ice cream. Then, it is sprinkled with coconut shreds and pie crust pieces. The crumbly pie crust pieces are a staple and can improve overall mouthfeel. It provides an exciting texture for consumers. This 2017 Feature Flavor is sure to have you daydreaming about it! Our Cocopolitan Feature Flavor from 2018 is composed of coconut and strawberry ice creams twisted together. It also includes a sweet coconut fudge swirl. This flavor provides the best of fun flavor combos: fruity, chocolatey and coconutty.

We have also created coconut textured variegates. This enables the customer to not only taste but also feel the coconut in each bite. It can be swirled in with another flavor such as chocolate or left on its own! In addition to variegates, our Kalva® product line can help you create coconut dipped ice cream cones that with the perfect toasted coconut layer. Kalva® can also be used in specialty desserts, as a sundae topping and so much more.

Many of our creamer systems and lipid nutritional systems are dairy-free and plant-based utilizing coconut oils. And, for those developing specialty applications for plant-based and keto product formulations our InstaBlend® MCT products are ready to tailor for that purpose.

Coconut brings in a relaxing tropical taste. It can really catch the attention of consumers through flavor, texture and visual appeal. So, let us work with you to create your next coconut application. Contact us for more information.

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