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Posted: September 20, 2022

MeatShure® Encapsulated Acids Offer Solutions For Meat Snacks!

September 23 is National Snack Stick Day! Created in 2016, Snack Stick Day is a day to celebrate your favorite meat snack sticks. Meat sticks can be found in your favorite flavors, such as spicy, jalapeno, BBQ, garlic, or teriyaki. With so many different flavors and meat options, it’s no wonder that meat sticks are garnering consumer demand!

Why are meat snacks important?

Snacks play an important role in a balanced diet. Consequently, consuming snacks throughout the day helps:

  • Keep energy high in-between meals
  • Boost metabolism and brainpower
  • Beat mid-day cravings
  • Prevent overeating during mealtimes1.

With the popularity of low sugar, low carb claims, and high protein diets, such as paleo and keto; furthermore, the demand for protein has created more demand for meat snacks.

How are Meat Snacks changing the market?

Ryan Goeser, Balchem Account Manager, offers his expertise into the meat stick market and how Balchem’s MeatShure® solutions solve many of the common problems when producing meat snack sticks.

The category has expanded from a few giant players to new entrants and disruptive brands.  It’s important to realize that distribution channels have gone from gas stations and convenience stores to health food stores and even farmer’s markets. Meat snacks sales in the US retail category are up nearly 25%2.  Even more, better-for-you meat snack sales have been growing at a faster rate in the market than overall meat snacks.  Portable snacks such as jerky, sticks, and sausages make it a convenient option for consumers seeking on-the-go snacks.

Consumer demand for protein-rich and better-for-you snacking is altogether a key driver of this growth.  Meat snacks are an excellent source of protein. According to the USDA, the average beef stick contains 6.1 grams of protein per 1 oz. serving, which is about 13% of the total recommended dietary allowance for women, and just under 11% for men.  Of course, taste is another key factor.  Merging trends in the market will be exotic flavor experiences, low/no sugar, and plant-based or plant/meat hybrids.

Balchem’s Solutions

In brief, MeatShure® encapsulated acids by Balchem® solve many of the technical challenges encountered in meat processing, allowing you to create high quality, low sugar meat stick snacks.

Our ingredient solutions deliver:

  • Consistent pH control
  • Enhanced overall texture
  • Improved color retention

MeatShure® Encapsulated Acids

MeatShure® encapsulated acids by Balchem® provide a variety of benefits to the producer and the consumer of snack sticks. A key benefit is the ability to have low carb and low or no sugar protein snacks such as meat sticks. Meatshure® encapsulated acids replace the need for a starter culture, allowing for the removal of sugars which feed the starter culture- making the product keto friendly!

MeatShure® encapsulated acids create a protective barrier to prevent the acid from denaturing and extracting the protein of raw / uncooked meat. The encapsulated acids allow the fermented flavor to develop, through direct acidification. Thus, creating a more consistent and reliable control of the desired pH and flavor profile, all while increasing efficiency!

How can we help?

To learn more about our MeatShure® solutions, contact us at to schedule a meeting with one of our Account Managers to see how we can partner to support your needs!


1. Harvard School of Public Health, The Science of Snacking, February 18, 2021
2.  Nielsen CYTD Wks – 32 W/E 08/13/22


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