What’s a Unicorn’s Favorite Ingredient? Glimmer!

Glimmer Unicorn
Posted: April 9, 2021

Today we celebrate unicorns and their magical qualities.  This mythical creature has been around since ancient times and symbolizes love, whimsy, enchantment, and magic. There has been an increase in the fascination with unicorns in the past several years. Both adults and children continue to be captivated by this horse-like creature.

To celebrate the unicorns’* favorite ingredient, Balchem introduces their latest line of sparkly, shiny inclusionsGlimmer TM! The fun doesn’t stop with unicorns though. Be inspired by tales of knights and dragons, undersea adventures, and cosmic exploration. Glimmer inclusions can help you create an entire line of shiny new bakery goodies.

These inclusions come in blue, pink and purple to add a colorful, shiny swirl to your bakery and snack creations. With sensory experiences an essential part of the global consumers journey, 3 out of 5 are interested in trying a new experiences1. Glimmer provides a feast for the eyes with its fusion of bright colors and flavors. , Glimmer TM inclusions can assist in making food more appealing to children and could encourage them to eat more varieties of food when color and sparkles are added.

These fun and playful inclusions are easy to store, add to mix, batter, or dough right at the bowl for convenient additions in your manufacturing and baking processes. Balchem is available to assist you in the art and science of inclusions, putting you a step ahead of the competition. This product launch embodies fun and indulgence!

Bring color to your baked goods and stand out from the crowd by utilizing this shimmering inclusion. Contact us to start formulating your delicious glimmering treat!

*No unicorns were polled in determining their favorite ingredient.

1. Source: Innova Database Innova Consumer Survey 2020. Average of UK, US, Spain, France, Brazil, India, Germany, Mexico, China and Indonesia

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