Elevate exercise with VitaShure® and OptiMSM®

A woman jumping over a hurdle demonstrating sports performance exercise.
Posted: August 31, 2023

Are you looking to take your exercise and sports performance to the next level? Incorporating OptiMSM® and VitaShure® can help you optimize your exercise and sports performance. These scientifically-backed supplements can help you push your limits and recover more efficiently. 

Power your workouts with VitaShure®

Looking to power up your workouts? VitaShure® is an excellent choice, thanks to its primary ingredient, caffeine. As a dietary component that acts as a stimulant, caffeine has been demonstrated to improve performance by up to 17% with intakes of 2–6 mg/kg body mass, or 210-420 mg for a 70kg (154 lb) individual. (1,2

VitaShure® is a sustained-release form of caffeine, powered through Balchem’s encapsulation technology, which delivers a rapid burst of caffeine for an immediate energy boost. Additionally, it ensures a sustained, slow release of caffeine, allowing you to perform longer without experiencing the dreaded “crash effect.” (3) 

Recover with OptiMSM®

After pushing your limits during exercise, proper recovery is crucial to help you adapt and perform at your best next time. As a source of the nutrient sulfur, OptiMSM® offers various benefits for athletes. It supports the function of the antioxidant glutathione which works to combat oxidative stress, and by serving as a component of the building blocks of healthy joint tissue (4).* 

In athletes, MSM supplementation has been shown to: 

  • Reduce oxidative stress after exercise in both new and experienced athletes alike* (5,6) 
  • Reduce post-exercise pain* (7) 
  • Reduce post-exercise muscle damage* (5) 

Improve the antioxidant response after exercise* (5,6) Giving your body what it needs to both perform and recover is the key to training, so help unlock your athletic potential with the help of OptiMSM® and VitaShure®.  

Elevate your exercise and sports performance today – Happy Training! 

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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