The zinc manufactured by Balchem is a reacted, nutritionally functional zinc amino acid chelate. As such, it is not handled in the gut in the same way as the typical zinc salt forms. Balchem’s zinc is absorbed intact and is not ionized.

Balchem’s totally reacted zinc amino acid chelates are a form of zinc that is best absorbed considering all the factors that are known to negatively impact zinc absorption.*

Dietary supplements that use this form of zinc have less dietary absorption interference and better relative absorption than other forms of zinc. 

Delivery Applications:

  • Foods 
  • Baked goods
  • Tablets 
  • Infant formula
  • Capsules 
  • Dairy Products
  • Prenatals 
  • Immune formulas
  • Beverages 
  • Electrolyte products
  • Chewables 
  • Sports recovery drinks
  • Effervescents

Zinc Research

Many nutrients are involved in making sure the immune system functions properly. Some minerals that are involved include selenium, copper, magnesium and zinc. Zinc’s role in immunity has been studied extensively. In this Research Note, we are going to examine some of the recent research involving zinc and the immune system.

*Swan M, DiSilvestro RA, Comparison of Four Commercially Available Zinc Supplements for Performance in a Zinc Tolerance Test, The FASEB Journal 2008; 22:693.3

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