We Are Coffee Connoisseurs

Posted: September 29, 2020

Coffee has been around since the 15th century. It’s energizing effects and signature scent have been waking people up ever since! We know how to work with coffee where it’s iced, pressed, hot or cold brewed. Coffee requires a delicate balance of flavors to be appealing to consumers. Whether we are creating a sweet coffee ice cream, a coffee creamer, or a single-serve coffee application, we are coffee connoisseurs and experts at it. Coffee is a great pre-workout drink when you have an intense personal training session planned. Find a personal trainer.

Coffee Creamers

Our spray-dried coffee creamers are a standout due to the advanced technology we use when spray drying. The Balchem Team has a deep understanding of particle science and technology. These experts can act as a collaborative extension of your own research and development team during formulation and production.

Coffee creamer continues to be a delicious way to complement the strong coffee taste. Our spray-dried creamer systems are state-of-the-art. We utilize spray drying and agglomeration technology with particle sizing, milling, and blending. Another capability that sets Balchem apart is the multiple complementary processing steps we offer. These allow for delicate particle size control. Our coffee creamer systems can be tailored and adjusted based on customer needs.

We not only make coffee creamer applications but also appreciate using the bold flavor of coffee within our frozen desserts. We have created many Feature Flavors involving coffee over the years. So, we are spotlighting five of those energizing flavors in honor of National Coffee Day!

Coffee & Donuts

First up, we have our 2013 Feature Flavor, Coffee & Donuts. This creamy coffee ice cream is sure to get you up and moving. It includes textured vanilla and chocolate donut flakes along with a donut crumb variegate. This breakfast-themed ice cream creates the perfect pairing for any time of the day!

The Espresso Cookie Fudge Feature Flavor is from 2014. This flavor includes a chocolate ice cream base with espresso flakes. Then, it is swirled with a crowd-pleasing, sea salt cookie fudge. This sea salt cookie fudge is one of our customer’s favorites and one of our favorites too!

Quite aLatté Gelaté

Our next flavor from 2015, Quite aLatté Gelaté, is made from a coffee coconut gelato base. Then, it includes a chocolate coconut fudge variegate. Biscotti pieces are mixed into the variegate to enhance the cookie texture and provide an exciting mouthfeel. Drinking a latté can be luxurious and this flavor really pulls from that. Gelato, a sweet treat of Italian origin, perfectly demonstrates our Globally Inspired Trend.

Espresso Yourself

Espresso Yourself is a Feature Flavor from 2017. It is a brown sugar coffee ice cream base. The expressive flavor features chocolate espresso flakes and pie crust pieces. These add delicious texture that really grabs the consumer’s attention. To top off this flavor, there are swirls of espresso variegate throughout the flavor. This flavor really has it all from the bold espresso to the sweet pie crust pieces, it is sure to stand out.

Caramel Cold Brewed Awakening

In 2018, we created a Caramel Cold Brewed Awakening Feature Flavor. This is made with a rich, Irish cream latte gelato base. Dark chocolate flakes are included throughout the flavor. The variegate is a brewed caramel flavor. This is also known as coffee caramel. This flavor is based around a beloved Irish flavor and is made from a gelato base. The global inspiration trend continues to appeal to consumers and grab their attention when it comes to choosing a flavor.

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