Variegates 101

Posted: May 4, 2020

Welcome to variegates 101. You know that gooey caramel we all love? That deliciously salty yet still sweet chocolate peanut butter swirl? Or those sea salt cookie fudge ribbons with crunchy cookie bits inside?

These mouth-watering flavors and textures are just a few of the variegate that we have created at Balchem. Variegates can also be referred to as ribbons, swirls, sauces, and many other names. No matter what you call variegates, they are sure to add a yummy dimension to any treat.

Benefits Of Variegates

Variegates provide many benefits. They add flavor to ice cream and create exciting texture. They provide a wide variety of creative flavor options. Variegates make the ice cream look even more irresistible. These are just a few of the benefits to including variegates within ice cream. Now, these benefits are impressive but knowing the functionality of them is the cherry on top.

There Are 3 Main Types Of Variegates:

  • Water-Based Variegates
  • Emulsion Based Variegates
  • Oil Based Variegates.

Water-Based Variegates

Water-Based Variegates are the most common. They are the easiest to control. Also, they typically have a smooth texture. Our Brown Sugar Rum Variegate is an example of a Water-Based Variegate. It is a smooth variegate with a sugary sweet flavor.

Emulsion Based Variegates

Emulsion Based Variegates is known to be a premium variegate. Emulsion Based Variegates can deliver better flavor and better texture. Most caramels fall into this category. Cheeses, Creams, Hot Fudge, and Dulce de Leche are also typically Emulsion Based Variegates. This premium variegates are able to contain soft particles such as coconut. Emulsion Based Variegates can add another dimension of flavor which adds another level of appeal. Our Hot Fudge Variegate is a perfect example of a premium Emulsion Based Variegate.

Oil Based Variegates

Oil Based Variegates are extremely versatile! They offer unique textures and mouth-watering flavors. Oil Based Variegates can be designed to contain crunchy particles that will maintain their crunch within the ice cream. For example, Oil Based Variegates is vital when using cookie bits within cookies & cream ice cream. These variegates add a fun texture to ice cream and allow for tons of creativity. One of the unique variegates Balchem Ingredient Solutions has created is a Glitter Variegate. It transforms ice cream into eye-catching artwork while maintaining a high level of quality.

At Balchem, we are dedicated to creating unexpected, exciting variegates. If you are interested in working with us or if you would like more information about any of the variegates we offer, please contact us.

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