Not-So-Vanilla Flavors

Posted: November 10, 2020

Nuanced Indulgence Trend

One flavor trend pillar that Balchem can help you deliver to the consumer in Nuanced Indulgences. Vanilla isn’t just vanilla anymore. It’s differentiated by source or treatment, such as Madagascar Vanilla or Bourbon Vanilla. Playing off the nuance, brings top notes that make every flavor just a little bit better. We believe in adding some “oomph” to everyday flavors, such as vanilla.

Ice Cream

One way we have kicked up vanilla is our Baklava Ice Cream. This flavor has a honey vanilla bean ice cream base. This base is not just vanilla! It includes honey and vanilla bean notes to bring the nuance. Almond streusel pieces and crispy baklava flakes are added into the mix. To add to the creamy-goodness, a textured honey walnut cinnamon variegate is swirled in! This flavor is filled to the brim with international-flair. The base vanilla flavor allows for the additional, dynamic flavor call-outs.


We can add exciting inclusions into  baked goods, such as vanilla cupcakes, as well. We are also able to formulate inclusions in any flavor to add additional nuances into other baked goods. Our Dragon Fruit Animal Cookies were a Spring 2020 Inclusion Feature Flavor. The sweet, vanilla cookie perfectly complimented the zing of the juicy Dragon Fruit flavor. The bright color of this inclusion was contrasted by the light color of the cookie, as well. 

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To get started on making your vanilla treat not-so-vanilla, contact us. If you would like to learn more about our specific cupcake applications, check out this cupcake blog.

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