The Technology Behind Your Favorite Frappé

Posted: October 7, 2020

Frappé beverages are a blended iced coffee drink that often includes sweet syrups and other flavoring options. According to the Allegra World Coffee Report 2019, frappé beverages have grown 54% in popularity within the past 4 years. This demonstrates the appeal of frappés even though they have only penetrated 1% of the market thus far (Allegra World Coffee Report, 2019). Balchem offers multiple applications that can assist in creating your customer’s new favorite frappé! In today’s blog, we will be covering our coffee creamer systems along with shake syrups that can be used in frappés. These are the technology behind your favorite frappé.

Coffee Creamer Systems

Our spray dry coffee creamers stand out. This is because of our experts and the advanced technology we use when spray drying. The Balchem team has a thorough understanding of particle technology. These experts can act as a collaborative extension of your own research and development team during the spray drying process. We utilize spray drying and agglomeration technology with particle sizing, milling, and blending. Our coffee creamer systems can be used in frappés along with other coffee applications. Our coffee creamer systems can be used in frappés along with other coffee applications.

Shake Syrups

Shake syrups, a comfort classic, can also be used within foodservice locations when preparing frappés. Our shake syrups are created with optimal viscosity. This ensures the convenience of use at foodservice locations. This means we can assist in creating a one-of-a-kind frappé that is sure to gain consumer attention. Not only is the user experience high quality, but the flavor profiles are as well! Our in-house cocoa experts take time to make sure that your chocolate shake syrup is the best it can be and collaborate with you on the best possible flavor profile for your frappé or another shake-like treat!

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