Plant-Based Perfection

Posted: November 1, 2020

Why Offer Plant-Based?

Balchem identified the Next to Nature trend in 2018 and continues to work from its influence in product development and innovation. This trend references plant-based options along with the need to incorporate fruity, herbal, and floral notes. Plant-based alternatives in food and beverage continue to increase, as do consumers identifying as flexitarian eaters. According to Food Navigator, 87% of American consumers are using plant-based protein in their diets. In another plant-based protein study, two-thirds (67%) of adults said that consuming a complete plant-based protein is important to them while one in five says it is very important. The plant-based opportunity is here to stay and Balchem is continuing to innovate to help you get to market faster.

Plant-Based Expertise

Balchem is widely known for our flexibility and innovation. We formulate custom flavors, textures, and can even seamlessly switch an application from dairy to non-dairy. We can adapt traditional dairy-based products into a non-dairy alternative, without sacrificing flavor, mouthfeel, or efficiency when creating plant-based products.

We aim to create the best plant-based alternatives out there so that everyone can indulge in the creamy goodness. Our advanced expertise in plant-based alternatives creates an ideal consumer experience. In addition, Balchem’s flavor expertise does not stop at dairy! We are experts in flavoring plant-based beverages, non-dairy creamers, plant-based yogurts, and even frozen desserts.

Balchem offers plant-based powdered nutritional lipid and creamer systems. We create these with our spray drying and agglomeration capabilities. We have powdered plant-based beverage systems that are shelf-stable and ready to go to work in your applications.

Plant-Based Creations

Smoothies are a delicious treat! We have created multiple plant-based smoothie applications. Our Instablend Avocado Creamer creates a smooth, creamy texture in smoothies while remaining plant-based. We can create a variety of flavors and have demonstrations available in Wild Berry and Orange Cream.

Our Mixed Berry Kids Wellness Smoothie was created to support healthy brains and metabolism. It contains VitaCholine® and our chelated magnesium, as well. This smoothie contains a half serving of fruit and veggies and seven grams of plant-based protein to help support daily serving size goals. 

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