Maple Matters

Posted: December 17, 2020

Maple is widely loved throughout North America. The top maple syrup-producing in the US is Vermont, the top region is Québec. The province of Québec produces 7,989,000 gallons every year, and in 2020 US maple syrup farmers produced 4.4 million gallons! Maple is a warm flavor note to add to desserts. We have become experts at formulating flavors that include maple, keep reading to learn more.

Natural Maple

Our “Next to Nature” trend values using flavors directly from our earth. Using naturally sourced flavors is important for health purposes but also for the taste! Correctly using maple flavor is a challenge. Thankfully, we have extensive experience formulating just the right level of maple sweetness. It allows the consumer to fully experience maple, just as nature intended. Natural flavors, like maple, perfectly fulfill consumer’s desire for food that tastes like, well, real food. Consumers are increasingly aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle, making this trend even more relevant.

NEW Maple Flavors

In Fall 2021, we released two maple-related Feature Flavors. One of these is a sweet maple inclusion and the other is a maple ice cream. Balchem has perfected the ability to formulate with the maple flavor. We believe our expertise shines through in these thoughtfully formulated creations!

Maple Blueberry Waffle Crisp Inclusion

Wave goodbye to plain waffles and say hello to our Maple Blueberry Waffle Crisp Inclusion! Waffles are a breakfast staple and we decided to spice them up with a new inclusion. Fall is meant for flannels, bonfires, and warm breakfasts. Our Maple Blueberry Small Nugget Inclusions will warm up any waffle or baked good. It will make your already delicious waffle, just a little bit better! We value turning flavors up a notch which is why we chose to warm up the blueberry flavor with sweet maple syrup. It is a Next to Nature pairing that is an absolute indulgence when enjoyed.

Our inclusions are extremely customizable. We can change the size, flavor, and color of inclusions to perfectly suit your needs. For example, if blueberry is not the fruit flavor you are wanting, we are able to add in a flavor such as strawberry instead. Then, this could become a deliciously juicy strawberry maple inclusion!

True North Ice Cream

Inspired by our Northern Neighbors, we created this buttery, maple, brown sugar ice cream. True North is based around the flavors of a Canadian Butter Tart. We created a Buttery Brown Sugar ice cream base. Then, we swirled in a Maple Brown Sugar Variegate. To play into the delectable Canadian Butter Tart texture, we added a Pie Tart inclusion. Who wouldn’t want to dig into this flavor, eh?

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