Sauce Capabilities: Let’s Noodle On It

Posted: October 27, 2020

Balchem’s powdered sauce capabilities cover noodles in saucy goodness. This includes a variety of sauce capabilities from unique cheese flavors, teriyaki, gravy…the sauce options just keep going!

Sauce Applications

We formulate dry sauce mixes that can be packaged in a pouch and used to add a tasty, savory sauce to packaged foods and noodles. Creating sauces in powdered form helps create cost effective meal options for home preparation. It allows for the cheese to still be melty and gooey with creamy mouthfeel and delicious flavors without the more expensive cheese ingredients. Here at Balchem, not sacrificing taste for cost effectiveness is important to us. So, our powders are designed to improve the mouthfeel, taste and creaminess in the eating and drinking experience. These sauces can be paired with noodles, as prepared meal enhancements, soup bases, and so much more.

High Fat Lipid Powders

Sauces are customizable and can be adjusted to meet specific customer needs. We offer a variety of powders that lead to high-quality sauces. Balchem offers high fat lipid powder applications. Two examples of these products are Centennial II-coconut-178310 and Quic Creamer 7102-1047102. These can be used in cheese sauce and soup applications. Using either of these premium powdered products allows for a high-quality, cream-based sauce.

Lower Fat Lipid Powders

Balchem creates lower fat lipid powder offerings as well. One of these is Richmix HO-Sun 50 NT-18313-NPH. This lower fat sunflower powder has been used in Cheese Queso dip and more sauce applications. Formulating a lower fat lipid powder was important to Balchem to meet the needs of all our customers. Who doesn’t appreciate a lower-fat indulgence?

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