Charmed By Cherry

Posted: September 24, 2020

Cherry is a standout, summery fruit that reminds us of picnics on hot days. We have created a variety of frozen desserts involving cherry, a “berry” charming flavor. This blog will outline a few of our Feature Flavors and highlight the impressive innovations we have made when incorporating cherry into frozen desserts.

Ruby Chocolate Cherry

Balchem’s most recently created cherry flavor is our Ruby Chocolate Cherry 2021 Feature Flavor. This flavor has a Ruby Chocolate ice cream base. Ruby Chocolate is a vibrant pink color that rivals Red Velvet when it comes to having a unique color for a chocolate flavor. This rosy pink base is then filled with smooth Milk Chocolate Hearts and swirls of indulgent Black Cherry variegate.  The Black Cherry flavor swirl is a prime example of our  “Nuanced Indulgences” trend. This trend values upgrading flavors to make them even more indulgent.

This flavor is the Rose Gold of Chocolate ice cream because of the color, of course, but also the luxurious flavor. Balchem received a notable mention in Food Ingredients First for the use of Ruby Chocolate. In the Food Ingredients First article, Tracy Snider, Marketing Director for Human Nutrition & Health at Balchem, states that “Ruby chocolate will find its way to everyone’s taste buds.” We look forward to seeing the growth of this flavor, especially during the Valentine’s Day season.

Cherry Berry Lemon Blast

Our next flavor is called Cherry Berry Lemon Blast. This Feature Flavor from 2018 is a sweet cream ice cream base. Don’t be fooled, this is not your typical sweet cream ice cream. Next, tart crunchy lemon flakes are added into this base. This addition innovates the classic sweet creamy texture and is sure to excite the consumer. Next, twin ribbons of blue raspberry sweet & sour swirl and cherry sweet & sour swirl are generously added. Sweet cream ice cream is a well-known crowd-pleaser. So, incorporating an exciting twist of sweet & sour cherry is sure to catch the consumer’s attention.  

Fruits Veggin’ Out

In 2017, we created two Feature Flavors with cherry. First, our Fruits Veggin’ Out flavor is not only fruit-filled, but also packed with vegetables. This flavor is a peach medley fruit & vegetable sorbet paired with a cherry berry pomegranate fruit & vegetable sorbet. It also includes 1/3 serving of fruit juice and vegetable juice per 4oz serving. This added health perk can really grab consumers attention as the popularity of Better For You ice cream grows.

Cherry Chocolate Forest

The other flavor created in 2017 is called Cherry Chocolate Forest. This flavor is a dark chocolate cherry gelato base with cake pieces and cherry chucks mixed in. Then, to perfectly complement these sweet flavors, a cream cheese variegate is swirled in. Gelato originates from Italy which means that this flavor ties in to our Globally Inspired Globally Inspired trend. Flavors with global inspiration can create the feeling wanderlust. This desire to travel and see the world can lead them to feel more excited about trying a gelato-based flavor rather than a traditional ice cream base.

Create Your Next Cherry Flavor Are you charmed by our cherry flavors yet? Contact us to create your next enticing cherry frozen dessert.

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