Announcing 2021 Inclusions Fall Feature Flavors

Posted: October 13, 2020

Our new Inclusion Feature Flavors are here, and we are ready to share with you to help get your Fall-inspired LTO bakery items to market faster.

New Adventure Trend – Candied Tamarind Biscotti

First up, we have our Candied Tamarind Biscotti. Tracy Snider, Marketing Director, describes this as, “sweet with just the right punch of sour in each inclusion-filled bite”. The Candied Tamarind Mini-Flake Inclusions are globally inspired by candies and sodas flavored with the Tamarind fruit. We recommend enjoying this baked treat with a cup of hot coffee or tea.

Our New Adventure Trend is focused around trying new, often globally-inspired, flavors. We are looking to innovate our inclusions. In this specific inclusion, we combined a fusion of Hispanic and Asian culinary cultures in a traditional Italian Biscotti.

Eat Pretty Trend – Blue Razzle Dazzle Muffins

Taking photos of your food is not weird anymore. In fact, there are entire Instagram accounts dedicated solely to food! That means that having a visually appealing meal is more important than ever. We recognize this in our Eat Pretty Trend.

We created our Blue Razzle Dazzle Muffins to play with visually appealing, edible glitter. These kid-friendly muffins are filled with bright blue, glittery inclusions. They as fun to look at as they are to eat! Balchem’s Mini-Flake inclusions are used in these muffins, but they can be used in many applications.

Nuanced Indulgence Trend – Maple Blueberry Waffle Crisp

They don’t say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for no reason! Enjoying a warm breakfast in the chilly Fall months creates a cozy feeling. We were inspired by slow mornings, drinking coffee and making a large breakfast in our Maple Blueberry Waffle Crisp.

Our Nuanced Indulgence Trend is based around upgrading every flavor to make it just a little bit better. That is why we focus on the importance of the warm maple paired with sweet blueberry. These Maple Blueberry Small Nugget Inclusions is just one example of our inclusions that can be made in a variety of sizes depending on the concentration of color and flavor customization.

Nuanced Indulgence Trend – Chai Pumpkin Cookies

Limited Time Offerings are something we excel at here at Balchem. We can quickly formulate your desired LTO and get it on shelves quickly. With constantly changing trends, this ability is a necessity.

We created a seasonal Chai Pumpkin Cookie that is a nuanced take on typical pumpkin spice. It has a global flair thanks to the chai spice while remaining grounded with the classic pumpkin. This flavor is anything but basic!

Next to Nature Trend – Raspberry Balsamic Focaccia

Our Next to Nature Trend is based around fresh, natural flavors and plant-based inspirations. Our Raspberry Balsamic Mini-Flake Inclusions are filled with sweet raspberry and then balanced with the tang of Balsamic Vinegar. These inclusions are used in Focaccia bread, making this a delightful baked good.

Using balsamic vinegar within bread is a unique take on the flavor and when paired with raspberry, it is a refreshing combination!

Creature Comforts Trend – White Mint Brownie

Baking offers comfort in uncertain times. Our Creature Comforts Trend addresses that need for comfort. Consumers will seek emotional comfort and connection with foods while being apart from loved ones.

Those cushiony mints that are always at the exits of restaurants are such a treat. So, we decided to pull inspiration from these Crème de Menthe after-dinner mints! We added these into a chewy brownie to create our White Mint Brownie. The inclusions are called White Mint Mini-Flake Inclusions and they can be completely customized to your preference.

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