The Transition Period – From Physiology to Management – Crew from the 2020 DISCOVER Conference

Episode 3: The Transition Period – From Physiology to Management


Dr. Heather White, University of Wisconsin

Dr. Joseph McFadden, Cornell University

Dr. Maya Zachut, Volcani Center

Dr. Adam Lock, Michigan State University

Dr. Laura Hernandez, University of Wisconsin

Dr. Larry Miller, Director, DISCOVER Conferences

Podcast Topic

Hosts Scott Sorrell and Dr. Clay Zimmerman were joined around the pub table by a crew from the 2020 DISCOVER Conference. The team of five industry experts presented a session on the Transition Period-From Physiology to Management at the conference and wanted to continue that discussion at the pub to dive deeper into some of the key presentation topics.


Kicking off the discussion, each specialist highlighted their area of expertise and showed how they fit into this larger discussion. 2:07

To dive into controversial conversation the first topic the team discussed was insulin resistance: friend or foe? 11:19

With science and technology these days, Dr. Hernandez discussed if there is a way to predict which cows will suffer from hypocalcemia pre-partum. 23:47

Also understanding the opportunities pre-partum, the group discussed if they could predict the amount of lipolysis postpartum for the cows. 27:01

Since the experts span different geographies, spreading even to the desert with Dr. Zachut in Israel, they discussed how the diets play into this discussion as well. 31:56

Many times, research is only as good as its practical use in the field, the panel added their input how practicality played a role in their research focuses. 36:59

The discussion transitioned into how fatty acids also play a key role in transition cow nutrition. 39:28

Biomarkers in the transition cow was a big discussion at the conference and continued around the table 54:12

Additional Notes

The panel recapped their takeaways from each of their disciplines 1:10

Dr. Larry Miller, director of the DISCOVER conferences joined the group at the table and highlighted how the conference transitioned to a virtual setting in 2020. 1:22

The 40th conference will be a special one where the new NACM nutrient requirements of dairy cattle will be released and discussed. The conference will most likely sell out, so you can register today here before it’s too late!…1:25

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