Kansas State Pet Food Program Research Showcase – Dr. Greg Aldrich & Graduate Students


Dr. Greg Aldrich, K-State University

Dr. Amanda Dainton, K-State University

Dr. Heather Acuff, K-State University

Krystina Lema Almeida, K-State University

Episode 15: Kansas State Pet Food Program Research Showcase

Podcast Topic

In this episode, you’ll feel like we’re back on campus because we’ve gathered together some of the top minds in the Kansas State University pet food program for this week’s pubcast. The discussion started at our very first research showcase webinar, which aired on March 16th. We’ll feature other university programs going forward.


Dr. Greg Aldrich discussed some of the successes and careers his students have found in the pet food industry after going through the program at K-State. 22:15

Dr. Heather Acuff gave advice, to future students, to ask their professors about programs they are interested in joining. Also, nobody needs to tell themselves they are too old to go back to school. 25:39

Dr. Amanda Dainton discussed the option of internships and immersive experiences for college students. 26.59

Dr. Heather Acuff discussed probiotics and their possible benefits. As well as integrating vitamins and minerals versus consumers having to worry about doses and mixes for their pets. 41:27

Krystina Lema Almeida discussed sustainability, product variety and ingredients in the pet food industry. 54:53

Dr. Greg Aldrich discussed how protein will be the biggest challenge for the pet food industry moving forward. With a growing world population, the pet food industry will have to embrace different varieties of protein. 56:21 I

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