2022 Journal Club- Phosphorus in Dairy Diets – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University; Dr. Jesse Goff, Iowa State University


Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University; Dr. Jesse Goff, Iowa State University

Co-host: Dr. Clay Zimmerman, Balchem

Episode : 2022 Journal Club- Phosphorus in Dairy Diets

Podcast Topic

Today’s podcast is our January installment of the Journal Club, styled after the traditional journal clubs at universities across the country and around the world. Today we’re a closer look at some of the newest research published in the Journal of Dairy Science.


Article 1: https://bit.ly/3zCBdIA

Dr. Jesse Goff, in summarizing a paper from the Netherlands, stated animals on a low phosphorus diet had lower blood phosphorus than the other animals, which isn’t unexpected. But the animal’s calcium concentration had improved on a lower phosphorus diet. (5:53)

Dr. Bill Weiss emphasized a two to one phosphorus ratio isn’t always correct. The important thing is to meet the NRC requirements for both phosphorus and calcium. (11:38)

Dr. Jesse Goff warned that even if you think you are feeding a low phosphorus diet if you are using byproducts – such as soybean meal, canola meal and wet brewers – it can all bring in a lot of phosphorus. You need to be wary of that in the diet. (17:20)

Dr. Bill Weiss mentioned you should be in a slightly deficient diet postpartum and not meet the NRC requirements. Dr. Jesse Goff added that a postpartum cow would be pulling phosphorus and calcium out of her bones, needing less in her diet. (29:26)

Article 2: https://bit.ly/33hKjyI

Dr. Jesse Goff and Dr. Bill Weiss summarized the second article, which covered a study with an even lower phosphorus diet than the first article. This study promotes a low phosphorus diet as a way to control hypocalcemia. (36:49)

Dr. Bill Weiss mentioned that based on these papers, he thinks the low phosphorus diets in the pre-fresh and in the far-off should not worry as much so you can have some cost-savings in your feed.

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