Transition Cows, Looking in the Rear-View Mirror as We Speed into the Future – Dr. Ric Grummer & Guests


Dr. Ric Grummer, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Jesse Goff, Iowa State University

Dr. Heather White, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Episode 20: Transition Cows, Looking in the Rear-View Mirror as We Speed into the Future


Tonight, is our second installment of what we call our legacy series. The legacy series honor those individuals that have a profound impact on our industry. For this conversation, we’re going to zero in on the history of transition cow management. We are joined by Dr. Ric Grummer and Dr. Heather White from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Jesse Goff of Iowa State University. Dr. Ric Grummer discusses the transition cow and the feeding process of pre and postpartum cows from an energy deficit standpoint as well as the lactation dry periods. 8:00

Moving into today’s research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Heather White discusses her work on liver cells. She discusses the different studies on cells done by manipulating treatments and then using that data to determine what to do in a cow study without using thousands of cows in the process. 23:47

The discussion continues with Dr. Jesse Goff sharing about his studies involving milk fever. These studies branched off of a Norwegian scientist’s studies on AIV silage and making haylage by pouring hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid onto the forages. 31:45

Then Dr. Heather White discusses NEFA and the profile of fatty acids. She discussed manipulating the fatty acids in the blood and the impacts of those fatty acids. 43:00

As a veteran of the field, Dr. Jesse Goff discusses where he sees the future of immunology. He discussed his studies on effects of calcium as well as manipulation of the immune system. He also discussed the options to help treat animals coming out of the COVID pandemic by manipulating messenger RNA to boost various immunological parameters to boost the immune system at the right time. 47:42

A fruitful area of research around protein imbalance was discussed by Dr. Ric Grummer and how it effects the postpartum cow. 55:00

Dr. Jesse Goff and Dr. Ric Grummer discuss more on the transition cow and how there is still a lot of research to be done on storage of protein during lactation and transition cycles. 58:40

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