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Real Science Exchange isn’t just any old boring podcast. You’ll get to know top researchers like you’ve never known them before. Go behind the scenes and hear the conversations that take place over a few drinks with friends. Join us as we discuss the hot topics in animal science and share a range of new ideas. These podcast are sponsored by Balchem. All views expressed by the guests are the opinions of those individuals and are not the views of the Balchem, its affiliates or employees. 

Date Titre Link
février 27, 2024 Journal Club: Association between change in body weight during early lactation and milk production in automatic milking system herds View
février 6, 2024 Not All Rumen-Protected Products Are Created Equal View
janvier 23, 2024 Colostrum is Liquid Gold View
janvier 9, 2024 Journal Club-Effects of supplemental histidine in dairy cows: A meta-analysis View
décembre 19, 2023 Journal Club- Extruded Soybean Meal Replacing Canola Meal for Lactating Cows View
décembre 12, 2023 What’s New in Colostrum Management? View
décembre 5, 2023 Future Directions in Choline Symposium Part Two View
novembre 28, 2023 Future Directions in Choline Symposium Part One View
novembre 2, 2023 October Journal Club 2023 View
octobre 24, 2023 The High Fertility Cycle View
octobre 17, 2023 Wild Yeasts, Aerobic Stability of Silages & TMR Potential Negative Effects View
octobre 13, 2023 Changes in Milk, Income Over Feed Cost of Group-Housed Dairy Cows When Moving View
octobre 4, 2023 September Journal Club 2023 View
septembre 26, 2023 Methyl Donors and Epigenetic Regulation of the Early Embryo View
septembre 19, 2023 The Growing importance of Choline in Prenatal Human Nutrition View
septembre 12, 2023 Phenotypic & Molecular Signatures of Fetal Hyperthermia View
septembre 5, 2023 Epigenetics Will Change How We Manage Cattle View
août 29, 2023 Weaning Transition in Dairy Calves: Why is it so Traumatic? View
août 22, 2023 2023 Poultry Science Association Highlights Day 2 View
août 15, 2023 2023 Poultry Science Association Highlights Day 1 View
août 8, 2023 August Journal Club – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University View
août 1, 2023 2023 ADSA Winners & Organizers View
juillet 21, 2023 2023 ADSA Research Highlights Day 2 View
juillet 19, 2023 2023 ADSA Research Highlights Day 1 View
juin 27, 2023 Who Let the Dogma Out of Transition Cow Management, Dr. Baumgard, Iowa State University View
juin 20, 2023 Cow Monitoring Technology: Revealing Her Secrets with Evine van Riemsdijk View
juin 6, 2023 Waste to Protein on the World’s Smallest Footprint View
mai 23, 2023 “Can You Speak Sustainability?” with Lara Moody and Dr. Steve Lerner View
mai 16, 2023 May Journal Club – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University View
mai 3, 2023 2023 Tri-State Dairy Conference – New Revelations in Transition Cow Nutrition View
avril 18, 2023 2023 National Dairy Challenge View
avril 4, 2023 Mitigating Enteric Methane Emissions: How Can We Speed Up Progress? Dr. Joe McFadden, Cornell University View
mars 23, 2023 Cornell Nutrition Conference – New Insights from Univ. of Wisconsin Transition Cow Research, Dr. Heather White View
mars 21, 2023 Cornell Nutrition Conference – New Insights from Michigan State Transition Cow Research, Dr. Barry Bradford, Michigan State University View
mars 16, 2023 Cornell Nutrition Conference – New Revelations in Transition Cow Nutrition, Dr. Jose Santos, University of Florida View
mars 14, 2023 Cornell Nutrition Conference – Implications for Understanding Essential vs. Required, Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University View
février 28, 2023 Legacy Series: Dr. Temple Grandin; Colorado State University View
février 14, 2023 Changing of the Guard – Chris DuBois and Melissa Rodriguez, IRi View
janvier 31, 2023 Reviewing the Updates to the CNCPS v7 Model, Dr. Van Amburgh, Cornell University View
janvier 17, 2023 Managing for Both Fat and Protein in a Tiered Pricing System, Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Penn State University View
janvier 3, 2023 Real Science Exchange: 2022 Favorites Countdown View
décembre 20, 2022 Recent Developments in Performance Horse Health & Nutrition, Dr. Joe Pagan, Kentucky Equine Research View
décembre 6, 2022 2022 Journal Club December View
novembre 22, 2022 World Dairy Expo – Producer Panel View
novembre 8, 2022 Virtual Farm Tour- Bateman’s Mosida Farms View
octobre 25, 2022 October 2022 Journal Club – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University View
octobre 11, 2022 What’s Happening to Older Cows? – Dr. Ian Lean, Scibus; Dr. Todd Duffield, University of Guelph; Dr. Stephen LeBlanc, University of Guelph View
septembre 27, 2022 Real Science Exchange: Kooler Kids – Stephanie Walsh, Dairy Farmers of America View
septembre 13, 2022 September 2022 Journal Club – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University View
août 30, 2022 Understanding Dairy Cow Behavior to Optimize Nutritional Management – Dr. Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph; Dr. Tom Tylutki, AMTS View
août 16, 2022 Legacy Series, Dr. Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois View
août 2, 2022 Up-Cycling Low Value Proteins With Food Technologies Promotes Sustainability – Dr. Charles Starkey, Auburn University View
juillet 21, 2022 American Dairy Science Association – Research Winners View
juillet 20, 2022 American Dairy Science Association – Balchem Research of Interest View
juillet 19, 2022 American Dairy Science Association – Balchem Highlighted Research View
juillet 5, 2022 Surviving HPAI – Dr. Carol Cardona, University of Minnesota View
juin 21, 2022 Wonderful World of Fungal Toxins – Dr. Duarte Diaz, University of Arizona View
juin 7, 2022 Managing Poultry Coccidiosis and Its Effects in Antibiotic-Free Production View
mai 24, 2022 May Journal Club – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University; Dr. Chanhee Lee, The Ohio State University; Haley Zynda, The Ohio State University Special Guest: Dr. Maurice Eastridge, The Ohio State University View
mai 10, 2022 Exploring In Utero Influences on Transgenerational Performance View
avril 26, 2022 April Journal Club – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University; Dr. Matt Akins, University of Wisconsin View
avril 12, 2022 Why Heifer Maturity Matters – Dr. Gavin Staley, Diamond V; Dr. Al Kertz, ANDHIL LLC View
mars 29, 2022 Managing Dairy Cows in an Extreme Environment – An Israeli Perspective – Dr. Israel Flamenbaum, Dr. Shimon Carmi and Dr. Lance Baumgard View
mars 15, 2022 Interaction Between Nutrition & Genetics – Dr. Tom Rathje and Dr. Jason Schneider both with DNA Genetics View
mars 1, 2022 Legacy Series, Dr. Peter J. Van Soest View
février 15, 2022 Global Market and Supply Chain Trends for 2022 – Brett Stewart and Richard Fritz, Global AgriTrends View
février 1, 2022 Improving Protein Utilization to Reduce Environmental Impact of Production – Dr. Chris Reynolds, University of Reading and Dr. Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech View
janvier 25, 2022 Combatting Lipid-Enveloped Viruses – PRRSV, PEDV, ASFV and Maybe Even Covid-19 – Dr. Charlie Elrod, Natural Biologics and Dr. Josh Jackman, Tropical Innovations/Sungkyunkwan University View
janvier 11, 2022 2022 Journal Club- Phosphorus in Dairy Diets – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University; Dr. Jesse Goff, Iowa State University View
décembre 21, 2021 Real Science Exchange – Year in Review View
novembre 23, 2021 Biosecurity Imperatives & the Feed Supply – Dr. Jordan Gebhardt & Dr. Chad Paulk from Kansas University View
novembre 9, 2021 NRC Overview – Vitamins and Minerals – Dr. Bill Weiss and Dr. Rich Erdman View
novembre 2, 2021 NRC Overview – Feed Intake & Carbohydrates, Dr. Mary Beth Hall & Dr. Paul Kononoff View
octobre 27, 2021 NRC Overview – Dry Cows, Calves & Heifers, Dr. Jim Drackley, Dr. Bill Weiss, Dr. Mike VandeHaar View
octobre 19, 2021 NRC Overview – Protein & Amino Acids – Dr. Mark Hanigan, Dr. Jeff Firkins, and Dr. Hélène Lapierre View
octobre 12, 2021 NRC Overview – Fats & Energy, Dr. Lou Armentano, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Mike Vandehaar, Michigan State University View
octobre 5, 2021 Producer Panel – Jim Ostrom, MilkSource, Pat Maddox, RuAnn Genetics & Maddox Dairy and Jonathan Lamb, Oakfield Corners Dairy & Lamb Farms View
septembre 14, 2021 Energy Metabolism and Feed Efficiency – Feeding the Metabolic Race Car – Dr. Paul Kononoff, University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Logan Morris, Perdue View
septembre 7, 2021 Journal Club Edition 1 – Reviewing RP – Lysine and Silage Cover Studies – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University & Dr. Paul Kononoff, University of Nebraska, and Journal of Dairy Science Editor-In-Chief View
août 24, 2021 Your Practical Guide to Achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions – Florida 2021 – Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Dr. Jim Wallace, Dr. Juan Tricarico & Caleb Harper View
août 10, 2021 Calves Are Your Future. Are You Investing Wisely? – Dr. Bob James & Ed Kreykes View
juillet 27, 2021 Transition Cows, Looking in the Rear-View Mirror as We Speed into the Future – Dr. Ric Grummer & Guests View
juillet 13, 2021 Transgenerational Impact of Poultry Diets – Dr. Chris Ashwell, North Carolina State University Chandler Keck, Graduate Student, North Carolina State University View
juin 29, 2021 Impacting Milk Components – Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University & Corwin Holtz, Nelson Dairy Consultants View
juin 15, 2021 Heat Stress Interventions – Dr. Lance Baumgard, Iowa State University; Dr. Rosemarie Zimbelman, Dairy Nutrition Services; Dr. Bob Collier, University of Idaho View
juin 1, 2021 Kansas State Pet Food Program Research Showcase – Dr. Greg Aldrich & Graduate Students View
mai 18, 2021 Heat Stress and Late Gestation Cows – Dr. Geoff Dahl, University of Florida & Dr. Jimena Laporta, University of Wisconsin-Madison View
mai 4, 2021 Assessing Mineral Bioavailability – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University & Dr. Mat Faulkner, Purina View
avril 20, 2021 History of Feeding Fat to Dairy Cattle – Dr. Tom Jenkins from Clemson University, Dr. Don Palmquist from Ohio State University, Dr. Kevin Harvatine from Pennsylvania State University View
avril 6, 2021 Understanding Seasonal and Daily Rhythms on Milk and Component Yield – Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Pennsylvania State University & Dr. Isaac Salfer, University of Minnesota View
mars 24, 2021 Global Mega Trends in Agriculture – Brett Stuart & Richard Fritz, co-founders of Global AgriTrends View
mars 9, 2021 Net Zero Carbon Emissions – Dr. Frank Mitloehner & Dr. Mike McCloskey View
février 23, 2021 Maintenance of Health in the Ruminant Digestive Tract – Dr. Brian Aldridge, University of Illinois View
février 9, 2021 Maximizing Dairy ROI – Dr. Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois & Scott Brenner, Hunter Haven Farms View
janvier 26, 2021 The Evolving Field of Nutritional Immunology – Dr. Barry Bradford, Michigan State University & Dr. Turner Swartz, Michigan State University View
janvier 5, 2021 What to Expect From The Dairy Markets in 2021? – Dr. David Kohl, President of AgriVisons, LLC & Dr. Bob James, GPS Dairy Consulting View
décembre 8, 2020 Supplemental Fatty Acids – Much More Than Just Fat and Energy – Dr. Adam Lock, Michigan State University & Stacy Nichols, Vita Plus View
novembre 24, 2020 Insights into a Common Goal – Stopping the Spread of African Swine Fever – Dr. Scott Dee & Dr. Gordon Spronk, Pipestone Holdings View
novembre 10, 2020 The Transition Period – From Physiology to Management – Crew from the 2020 DISCOVER Conference View
octobre 27, 2020 Feeding for Increased Milk Protein Production – Dr. Mike Van Amburgh from Cornell University Dr. Buzz Burhans with the Dairy-Tech Group View
octobre 19, 2020 Real Science Exchange: Meet Your Host View