Assessing Mineral Bioavailability – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University & Dr. Mat Faulkner, Purina

Assessing Mineral Bioavailability


Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University & Dr. Mat Faulkner, Purina

Episode : 14 Assessing Mineral Bioavailability

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Dr. Bill Weiss is from The Ohio State University and has been doing research on minerals since 1978. Dr. Mat Faulkner was a graduate student under Dr. Bill Weiss. He earned his PhD at The Ohio State University and is now a nutritional consultant in Wisconsin for Purina.


Dr. Bill Weiss discusses the minerals that should not be combined in a diet and that there are many factors that should be taken into account while determining your rations. (00:10:01​)

Both of the guests analyze exactly how much sulfur should be added into your cattle’s diet. (00:17:50​)

Dr. Bill Weiss reviews the dangers of overfeeding magnesium and copper. (00:34:20​)

Dr. Mat Faulkner discusses the risks of toxicity in zinc and copper and the microbiome effect in the rumen. (00:46:08​)

Both guest speakers analyze factors that may cause oxidative stress. (01:00:33​)​

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