NRC Overview – Feed Intake & Carbohydrates, Dr. Mary Beth Hall & Dr. Paul Kononoff


Dr. Mary Beth Hall with the USDA

Dr. Paul Kononoff from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Co-host: Dr. Clay Zimmerman, Balchem

Episode 29: NRC Series: Feed Intake & Carbohydrates

Podcast Topic

We continue our discussions on the new 2021 dairy NRC, now known as NASEM. This is a follow-up to our Real Science Lecture series of five webinars that officially unveiled the content back in September. We’ll be breaking down the feed intake and carbohydrates sections during this episode.


Dr. Lou Armentano summarizes the biggest changes from the 2001 edition to the 2021 edition within the energy chDr. Mary Beth Hall discusses the changes in the dry matter intake equations in the new NASEM. She explains that there are two different dry matter intake equations, and those equations have new factors that give producers a much closer look at the diet and what factors will influence intake. (7:29)

Dr. Lou Armentano discusses the reporting of fatty acid content in the feed. He expands upon fatty acid digestion, and Dr. Paul Kononoff discusses the new feed factor equations and using different forage decisions. He explains when using it for forages, the new equation will be very useful to producers especially with all the factors involved. He also discusses byproducts and his hope for them to be included for future equations once more research is done. (26:19)

Dr. Mary Beth Hall discusses the carbohydrate chapter. She explained the equations didn’t drastically change but they discussed the different types of carbohydrates in more detail and had a better understanding of starch and fiber. (30:40)

Dr. Paul Kononoff discusses the gaps that are possibly in the new NASEM for the next committee to work on in the future. He stressed the importance of reporting chemical composition of feeds and forages. This will not only give a better understanding to those using the current equations, but it will also help the next committee when deciding on changes to those equations in the future. (45:55)

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