Managing Poultry Coccidiosis and Its Effects in Antibiotic-Free Production


Dr. TJ Gaydos, Gaydos Technical Services and Andy Flickinger, Broiler Manager at Miller Poultry; Dr. Zack Lowman, Balchem Corporation

Episode 45: Managing Poultry Coccidiosis and Its Effects in Antibiotic-Free Production

Podcast Topic

In today’s podcast we are focusing on the costs and implications of poultry diseases and practical ways to reduce antibiotic resistance with Dr. TJ Gaydos and Andy Flickinger.


Dr. Gaydos said that in the poultry industry, disease prevention through vaccines is the focus for birds’ health, rather than the treatment of illnesses. (15:39)

Andy mentioned that litter amendments, specifically PLT, is a mainstay at their operation on the non-organic side. PLT acidifies the litter and is used for ammonia and pathogen control. On the organic side however, there are fewer options available. (22:06)

Dr. Gaydos said that intestinal health in general is an issue in the poultry industry and toxicosis is a part of that. Infectious bronchitis virus is a concern everywhere as well as blackhead disease, so the industry is always working to improve those situations. (27:34)

Dr. Gaydos wrapped up by saying a lot of genetic research is being done to help with disease resistance and how that relates to performance in the industry, and will continue to be a focus for years to come. (34:56)

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