Fat and Energy – Dr. Lou Armentano, University of Wisconsin

Dr. Lou Armentano, University of Wisconsin

Dr. Armentano graduated from Cornell University in 1975, earning a BS with distinction in Animal Science. He went to North Carolina State to study the use of by-products as feeds for dairy cattle and received an MS in Animal Nutrition and then his Ph.D. was from Iowa State where he studied the relationship between rumen carbohydrate fermentation and the metabolic processes of cattle at the whole animal level. After a brief research appointment at Virginia Tech, Lou joined the Department of Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1983. In addition to serving as a professor for 33 years, Lou was also department chair for eight years. In 2016 Lou moved his appointment from Full Professor to Professor Emeritus but is still involved in dairy research and outreach. He currently serves on the National Research Council dairy nutrition guidelines writing committee and is the former president of the American Dairy Science Association and FASS.