Vitamins and Minerals – Dr. Bill Weiss, THE Ohio State University

Dr. Bill Weiss, THE Ohio State University

Dr. Weiss was a Professor and Extension Specialist of dairy cattle nutrition at The Ohio State University, but after more than 33 years on faculty, he retired in early 2021. His main research areas were factors affecting digestibility by dairy cows, relationships between minerals and vitamins and health of dairy cows and developing methods to incorporate cow and diet variability into ration formulation. Dr. Weiss has published more than 140 journal articles and 450 proceedings and extension articles. He has won several ADSA awards and was named a Fellow of the American Dairy Science Association in 2015. He is also a member of ARPAS and a Diplomat of the American College of Animal Nutrition. He was a member of the 2001 NRC Dairy Committee and is serving as co-chair on the 2021 NRC Dairy Committee.