真实的科学讲座系列(Real Science Lecture Series)

Join Balchem for new webinars featuring nutrition experts. The webinars focus on vital topics for today’s industry. These webinars are sponsored by Balchem. All views expressed by the guests are the opinions of those individuals and are not the views of the Balchem, its affiliates or employees. Be sure to listen to our Real Science “Pubcast” in which our speakers invite a guest to have a follow-up discussion on the webinar topic.


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12月 12, 2023 Not All Rumen Protected Products are Created Equal, Dr. Clay Zimmerman, Balchem Corporation View
10月 17, 2023 Balancing Diets of Highly Productive Sheep and Goats: Combining Performances and Health – Dr. Antonello Cannas, Universities of Sassari/Cornell View
11月 7, 2023 Colostrum is Liquid Gold – Now let’s get the most we can out of it, Dr. Sandra Godden, University of Minnesota View
12月 5, 2023 2023 in Review Economics and a Look into the Future, Global AgriTrends View
2月 6, 2024 Breaking Barriers Exploring Dietary Factors Influencing Gut Function for Cattle View


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9月 13, 2023 The High Fertility Cycle: Dr. Paul Fricke, University of Wisconsin-Madison View
8月 2, 2023 Wild Yeasts & Aerobic Stability of Silages & TMR. Potential Negative Effects on Intake & Production, Dr. Limin Kung, University of Delaware View
7月 19, 2023 Weaning Transition in Dairy Calves: Why So Traumatic? Dr. Drackley, University of Illinois View
6月 21, 2023 Raw Meat-Based Diets are upon us: How do we ensure their safety? Samuel Kiprotich and Dr. Greg Aldrich View
5月 4, 2023 Keep Them Breathing Easy – Calf Respiratory Problems with Ultrasound: Dr. Terri Ollivett, UW-Madison View
4月 5, 2023 Cow Monitoring Technology – Revealing Her Secrets to Unlock Her True Potential, Evine van Riemsdijk View
3月 16, 2023 WDMC 2023: How do we get the next five pounds of milk with Dr. Barry Bradford, MSU View
3月 7, 2023 Mitigating Enteric Methane Emissions: How Can We Speed Up Progress? Dr. Joseph McFadden from Cornell University View
2月 15, 2023 Remarkable Strength of Demand in Dairy Importing Countries: An Opportunity for Dairy, Dr. Elgersma from Strategic Analysis Services View
1月 24, 2023 Waste to Protein on the World’s Smallest Footprint: Insects, Dr. Katharina Unger, LIVIN Farms View
1月 10, 2023 Who Let the Dogma Out of Transition Cow Management, Dr. Lance Baumgard, Iowa State University View
12月 14, 2022 2022 in Review Economics & Look Into the Future with Brett Stuart from Global AgriTrends View
11月 16, 2022 Insights into Animal Behavior and Autism with Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University View
11月 2, 2022 Transitioning to Success: The Intersection Between Nutrition, Health, & Reproduction – Dr. Santos View
10月 20, 2022 2022 Cornell Mini Symposium View
10月 12, 2022 Consumers and Their Expectations: How to Meet Their Evolving Needs – Melissa Rodriguez, IRi View
10月 7, 2022 Managing for Both Fat & Protein in a Tiered Pricing System – Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Penn State View
9月 7, 2022 CNCPS V7 – Key Updates that Practicing Nutritionists Need to Know – Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University View
8月 17, 2022 Recent Developments in Performance Horse Health & Nutrition – Dr. Pagan, Kentucky Equine Research View
8月 2, 2022 What’s Happening to the Older Cows? – Dr. Ian Lean from Scibus, University of Sydney View
6月 22, 2022 Surviving Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza – Dr. Carol Cardona, University of Minnesota View
6月 13, 2022 Understanding Dairy Cow Behavior to Optimize Nutritional Management – Dr. Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph View
5月 9, 2022 Manure Evaluation For Reading Your Cows: It Doesn’t Just Happen – Dr. Mary Beth Hall, U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center View
4月 27, 2022 2022 Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Pre-Conference Symposium – Exploring In Utero Influences on Transgenerational Performance View
4月 19, 2022 Making Animals Smarter – Nutrition and Animal Cognition – Dr. Eric Ciappio, Balchem View
4月 13, 2022 Wonderful World of Fungal Toxins: What We Know About Mold, Plant, Animal Interactions – Dr. Diaz, Professor, University of Arizona View
4月 6, 2022 ReTHINKING Animal Behavior and Handling – Dr. Temple Grandin View
3月 9, 2022 Managing Poultry Coccidiosis and Its Effects in Antibiotic Free Production – Dr. TJ Gaydos View
3月 2, 2022 Managing Dairy Cows in an Extreme Warm Environment – an Israeli’s Perspective – Dr. Israel Flamenbaum View
2月 16, 2022 Up-Cycling Low Value Proteins Through Food Technologies Promotes Sustainability – Dr. Charles Starkey, Auburn University View
2月 10, 2022 Interaction Between Nutrition & Genetics with Dr. Rathje, DNA Genetics View
2月 2, 2022 How to Use the New NASEM Model & Formulation Software to Evaluate Diets – Dr. Mark Hanigan from Virginia Tech View
1月 19, 2022 Combatting Lipid-Enveloped Viruses: PRRSV, PEDV, ASFV & Maybe Even Covid-19 – Dr. Charlie Elrod View
1月 12, 2022 Why Heifer Maturity Matters – Dr. Gavin Staley, Diamond V View
12月 14, 2021 2022 and the Global Commodity Super Cycle – Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends View
12月 7, 2021 Impact of Thermal Processing on Protein Quality & Monogastric Nutrition – Dr. Chad Paulk, Kansas State View
11月 23, 2021 2021新版奶牛NRC预览 View
11月 17, 2021 Improving Feed Efficiency for Financial & Environmental Sustainability – Dr. Mike VandeHaar, Michigan State University View
10月 21, 2021 Anticipo del NUEVO 2021 NRC lechero View
10月 8, 2021 Improving Protein Utilization to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Dairy Production – Dr. Chris Reynolds, University of Reading View
9月 21, 2021 Previewing the NEW 2021 NRC Videos & Downloads View
9月 1, 2021 Biosecurity Imperatives and the Feed Supply Chain – Dr. Jordan Gebhardt, Kansas State University View
8月 4, 2021 Feeding the Metabolic Race Car: A Discussion on the use of Starch and Fat as Fuels – Dr. Paul Kononoff, University of Nebraska View
7月 21, 2021 The Impact of Daily Rhythms on Milk and Component Yield – Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Penn State University View
7月 14, 2021 Antibiotic-Free Poultry Research: Optimize Product Understanding Through Thoughtful Design – Dr. Matthew Jones, Southern Poultry Research Group View
6月 16, 2021 Formulation Considerations for Healthy Dogs; Sulfur AA, Taurine and Methyl Compounds – Dr. Anna Kate Shoveller, University of Guelph View
6月 9, 2021 Impact of Enzymes and Fiber on Gut Health – Dr. Xaviere Rousseau, AB Vista View
6月 3, 2021 Optimize Your Calf Program – What Does the Future Hold – Dr. Bob James, Down Home Heifer Solutions View
5月 12, 2021 Transgenerational Nutrition – Dr. Chris Ashwell, Professor, North Carolina State University View
5月 5, 2021 Baby It’s Hot In Here – Heat Stress and Late Gestation Cows – Dr. Geoff Dahl, Professor, University of Florida View
4月 22, 2021 Mitigating Feline Obesity – Where Are We? – Dr. Adronie Verbrugghe, Associate Professor, University of Guelph View
4月 6, 2021 Net Zero Carbon Emissions Implementation on the Farm – Caleb Harper & Dr. Mike McCloskey View
3月 23, 2021 African Swine Fever Vaccine Development – Where Are We? – Dr. Manuel Borca, USDA View
3月 16, 2021 Kansas State Pet Food Program Graduate Research Showcase – Dr. Greg Aldrich & Grad Students, Kansas State University View
3月 2, 2021 Assessing Mineral Bioavailability and Real-World Implications – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University View
2月 23, 2021 Understanding Choline: An Overlooked Nutrient in Pigs and Chickens – Dr. Ryan Dilger View
2月 2, 2021 Understanding the Impact of Seasonal Rhythms on Milk and Component Yield – Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Penn State University View
1月 12, 2021 Lab-Based Meat Production: Science Fiction or Reality – Dr. Mark Post, Maastricht University View
1月 5, 2021 Maintaining a Healthy Ruminant Digestive Tract – Dr. Brian Aldridge, University of Illinois View
12月 8, 2020 Global Mega Trends in Agriculture – Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends View
12月 1, 2020 Transitioning a Black Swan to a Phoenix in the Global Dairy Industry – Dr. David Kohl, Virginia Tech View
11月 10, 2020 Animal Agriculture – Renewing our Social License – Dr. Marina von Keyserlingk, University of British Columbia View
10月 13, 2020 Insights into a Common Goal – Stopping the Spread of ASF – Dr. Scott Dee, Pipestone Veterinary Services View
10月 6, 2020 Supplemental Fatty Acids – More than Just Fat and Energy – Dr. Adam Lock, Michigan State University View
9月 1, 2020 Feeding the People without Wasting the Planet – Dr. Frank Mitloehner, University of California-Davis View
8月 11, 2020 Three Strategies To Implement Today That Increase Milk Protein & Customer Profits – Speaker: Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University View
8月 4, 2020 Why Cows Become Hypocalcemic and Steps to Reduce Impact – Dr. Jesse Goff, Iowa State University View
7月 7, 2020 Feeding the Immunity Defenders; The Evolving Field of Nutritional Immunology – Dr. Barry Bradford, Michigan State University View
6月 30, 2020 Improving Dairy Profitability – Dr. Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois View
6月 16, 2020 Feeding and Managing for Maximum Milk Protein Production – Dr. Tom Overton, Cornell University View
6月 9, 2020 Choline’s Long-Lasting Impact on Animal Health and Productivity – Dr. Heather White, University of Wisconsin View
6月 2, 2020 Insulin Resistance in Transition Dairy Cows: Friend or Foe? – Dr. Ric Grummer, University of Wisconsin View
5月 26, 2020 The Future of Milk Protein as a Functional Food – Dr. John Lucey, University of Wisconsin View
5月 19, 2020 Dietary Protein: How Low Can You Go? – Dr. Larry Chase, Cornell University View
5月 12, 2020 Benefits of Mitigating Heat Stress in Dairy Cows – Dr. Lance Baumgard, Iowa State University View
5月 5, 2020 Dissecting the Latest RP-Choline Meta-Analysis – Dr. Jose Santos, University of Florida View
5月 4, 2020 Methyl Donor Nutrition in the Transition Dairy Cow – Dr. McFadden, Cornell University View
5月 4, 2020 Methyl Donors and Epigenetic Regulation of the Early Embryo – Dr. Pete Hansen, University of Florida View
5月 4, 2020 The Dual Essentiality of Choline and Methionine – Dr. Heather White, University of Wisconsin View
5月 4, 2020 Methods & Challenges for Assessing Amino Acid Bioavailability – Dr. Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech View
4月 21, 2020 Successfully Developing a High Performing Heifer Calf; Colostrum Impacts – Dr. Mike Van Amburgh, Cornell University View