Real Science Exchange – Year in Review

Posted: 21 12 月, 2021


Drs. Clay Zimmerman, Glen Aines, Eric Altom, Jeff Elliott

Episode : 33 Year in Review

Podcast Topic

As we close out 2021 we want to take a few minutes to look back. The Real Science Exchange was started to have a more in-depth and intimate conversation with our guests from the Real Science Lecture Series. We began in the fall of 2020 and have modeled this podcast after the time spent around the pub table at scientific meetings. This is where you get out the cocktail napkin and solve all the research problems presented during the conference.

We would like to thank all our loyal listeners around the world. We have been so blessed with an ever-growing audience. We now have listeners from all 50 states and 62 countries. We’ve had over 24,000 views and continue to gain listeners. Thank you to everyone that has joined, shared the messages and all who have participated. Get ready for new ways to interact in 2022.

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The speakers discuss their favorite podcasts of 2021 and what they learned from those discussions.


Clay discusses the expansion of the Real Science Exchange Podcast with the Journal Club in 2022. Journal articles will be selected, and guests will come on the podcast to discuss them. 14:53

Jeff explains the Legacy Series which will also continue in 2022. Pioneers will lead the discussion on the history of the industry. If you have anyone you would recommend for the Legacy Series please reach out and let us know at [email protected]. 16:53

Scott also talks about the possibility of more in-person podcasts at 2022 industry conferences. If you are attending those future conferences, come let us know that you are a listener and have a drink with us! 23:40

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