Legacy Series, Dr. Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois

Posted: 16 8 月, 2022


Dr. Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois, Dr. Dave Fischer, University of Illinois, Dr. John Goeser, Rock River Lab

Co-host: Dr. Jeff Elliott, Balchem

Episode 50: Legacy Series, Dr. Peter J. Van Soest

Podcast Topic

This week’s episode is a favorite for many as part of our Legacy Series. We are toasting Dr. Mike Hutjens with the University of Illinois. Mike is a pioneer in the field and has combined his love for education and passion for the dairy industry throughout his career. He continues to keep learning to this day. Plus, he was the one who famously coined the term “pubcast” for the Real Science Exchange. The Real Science Exchange is the discussion that happens in the bar after scientific meetings, making the term “pubcast” even more relevant!

Joining us to toast Dr. Hutjens is Dr. Dave Fischer, University of Illinois; Dr. John Goeser, Rock River Lab and co-host Dr. Jeff Elliott, Balchem.


Dr. Hutjens reflects on his career, and one industry controversy that dates him was the discussion by producers between high moisture and shell corn. His point is, that there will always be new topics to discuss and research to share with producers. 11:45

Through Dr. Hutjens and Dr. Fischer’s tenure with Extension, priorities and approaches have evolved from regional experts who were an inch deep and a mile wide to very specific focus areas over time. 15:44

Dr. Goeser added his perspective as someone established as a researcher but still evolving in his career and how the specialization in the industry can also create silos of thinking with very narrow areas of focus. 20:42

Dr. Hutjens and Dr. Fischer highlighted one of their biggest accomplishments in evolving producer education is they have successfully moved all of their training online even though the doubters said it wouldn’t work for producers. 29:43

Dr. Goeser shared that we all know the industry is evolving, and research, producers and education must do the same. One obvious example is how much milk each cow produces today compared to 20 or 40 years ago. 42:27

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