Feeding the Metabolic Race Car: A Discussion on the use of Starch and Fat as Fuels – Dr. Paul Kononoff, University of Nebraska

Dr. Paul Kononoff, University of Nebraska

Dr. Kononoff is a native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He holds BSA and MS degrees in animal science from the University of Saskatchewan and a PhD in dairy nutrition from The Pennsylvania State University. A dairy nutritionist, he has industry experience as a technical support specialist for Renaissance Nutrition (Roaring Spring, PA) and as a project director of the Ruminant Feed Analysis Consortium, formerly located at the University of New Hampshire. Paul is currently a professor of dairy nutrition and dairy nutrition extension specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Paul’s research to date has focused on feed characterization and understanding the relationships between fiber quality and ruminal fermentation in lactating dairy cattle. Over the past several years, he has studied manipulations of forage quality and on feed efficiency, milk production, and composition. More recently and often using indirect calorimetry, Paul has investigated ration formulation methods that seek to maximize the inclusion of corn milling co-products while sustaining normal milk production. He is also a co-inventor of the Penn State Forage and TMR Particle Size Separator.