New Encapsulation Technology = Higher Payload

Posted: 8 1 月, 2018

Encapsulation technology recently took a giant leap forward as Balchem introduced the  first product using a revolutionary encapsulation process. This new technology allows us to significantly increase the concentration of the active ingredient in our encapsulated products.

Balchem’s SHURE Technology is based on a proprietary microencapsulation process that provides targeted nutrient delivery to the small intestine of ruminants. In simple terms, the microencapsulate is a substrate coated with another material to form a granule. In this case, a nutrient is coated with Balchem’s proprietary lipid-based materials, all of which are GRAS and approved for use as a feed additive.

There are a number of approaches other companies may use to produce a microencapsulated nutrient and so the resulting microencapsulate can have a wide range of performance characteristics. The product’s functionality is highly dependent on the microencapsulation process as well as the coating materials used. For high performance microencapsulates, in addition to consistent product properties, the coating needs to provide three important functions:


The microencapsulate needs to provide DURABILITY/STABILITY of the nutrient during handling and storage, for example in moist feeds or with adverse temperature ranges. When consumed by a ruminant, it needs to PROTECT the nutrient from degradation by rumen microbes, and thirdly, the coating needs to release the nutrient for absorption in the small intestine, providing high BIOAVAILABILITY.

Is microencapsulation necessary and why do products need to be “rumen protected”?

Balchem’s Shure Technology microencapsulation allows for nutrients to be delivered to targeted locations consistently and efficiently. In the case of ruminants, microencapsulation allows nutrients to bypass the rumen for delivery to the small intestine. Because the rumen microbes degrade almost everything they encounter, protecting critical nutrients through microencapsulation is essential to meet the nutrient requirements of today’s high producing dairy cows.

Are all encapsulates created equal?

No. There is a wide variation in performance for microencapsulates, even when the same coating materials are used. Balchem’s SHURE Technology is designed to provide the highest levels of DURABILITY/STABILITY, RUMEN PROTECTION and BIOAVAILABILITY, the leader in ruminant nutrient delivery.

Balchem’s SHURE Technology proprietary microencapsulation process.

The process is superior to other microencapsulation techniques in providing excellent barrier properties to water and microbes. This translates to excellent DURABILITY/STABILITY in the feed and PROTECTION in the rumen. In addition, through Balchem’s proprietary

lipid-based coating technology, the microencapsulates are designed to be STABLE even after freeze and thawing allowing nutrients to escape the rumen and absorbed in the small intestine resulting in exceptional BIOAVAILABILITY. Micrographs taken of Balchem’s

SHURE Technology coating compared to competitor technology are shown in Figure 2 and demonstrate the consistency of Balchem’s coating process.

The Benefits of SHURE Technology

The new encapsulation process is more cost-efficient, allowing Balchem to provide a more concentrated level of nutrients, at a lower cost. As the first in an expected series of new products, New AminoShure-L will significantly lower costs. As part of the commitment to precision feeding advancements and to the dairy industry, Balchem’s innovations will be realized as savings for the dairy producer. For additional information about this new technology or to learn more about Balchem, visit us at or contact your local Balchem Representative.