Understanding Dairy Cow Behavior to Optimize Nutritional Management – Dr. Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph; Dr. Tom Tylutki, AMTS

Posted: August 30, 2022


Dr. Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph; Dr. Tom Tylutki, AMTS

Co-host: Dr. Peter Morrow, DVM DACT MBA, Balchem

Episode 51: Understanding Dairy Cow Behavior to Optimize Nutritional Management

Podcast Topic

Joining the group at the pub for cold brews and conversations this evening is Dr. Trevor DeVries and Dr. Tom Tylutki. While Dr. Tom Tylutki’s passion lies among dairy cow nutrition through various research in growth and maintenance management, Dr. Trevor DeVries has focused his career on studying animal behavior through academia.

Both joined together to lead the pubcast this evening covering dairy cow consumption and nutrition management.


Dr. DeVries reflects on his career and shares insight into the synthesis between intake and production, adding that when trying to optimize production, optimizing dry matter intake for cows also occurs. His point being, if the goal is to have cows eat more, changing their behavior is important. 11:30

Dr. Tylutki highlights his consulting experience in nearly 46 countries educating livestock owners by commercializing ration formulation packages and notes the critical importance in gathering research data to better understand behavior. 16:20

Dr. DeVries adds his perspective in forage quality variation and the studies of both him and Dr. Tylutki have done on fiber length and digestibility. One key point Dr. DeVries shares is the value in making specific recommendations instead of generalized solutions, due to varying factors, operation goals and even some breed differences. 25:32

Dr. Pete Morrow also joins the evening discussion, sharing his thoughts on rumination monitors for management practices, highlighting the potential artificial intelligence has through management data points. 37:14

Dr. DeVries suggested the cow’s behavior is just as important as the diet itself, which is ultimately impacted externally. Adding, continuous improvement in technology and automation management is also going to play a large role in welfare longevity. 1:04:37

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