Real Science Exchange: 2022 Favorites Countdown

Posted: Januar 3, 2023


Co-Host: Scott Sorrell & Dr. Clay Zimmerman

Episode 60: 2022 Favorites Countdown

Podcast Topic

Since 2020, the Real Science Exchange has provided in-depth conversations throughout a variety of webinar series. Joining around the pub to recap and reflect on the amazing guests and great conversations from 2022 are Dr. Clay Zimmerman and Scott Sorrell where they reflect on each of their top three favorite episodes of 2022.

The pubcast has a growing audience of over 56,000 views and listeners in all 50 states. In 2022, the podcast created 24 events featuring top dairy science topics through the lens of widely known dairy researchers.


Dr. Zimmerman’s third favorite episode was Episode 44 that aired on May 24, 2022. The May Journal Club featured guests Dr. Bill Weiss, Dr. Chanhee Lee and Haley Zynda. 4:00

The episode highlighted different topics, including the impact of reducing DCAD in lactating cows and the multiplication of these diets in different environmental elements and nutrient digestibility. 5:10

Episode 44:…

Scott Sorrell said his third favorite was Episode 53, which aired on September 27, 2022. The episode featured the Kooler Kids program with guests including Stephanie Walsh, Melissa Malcolm-Cullison and Mark Inkrott. 8:29

He mentioned the episode features Dairy Farmers of America and Cooler Management and the significant work they are doing in bringing dairy products to the less fortunate. 9:01

Episode 53:…

In partnership with last year’s Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, Dr. Zimmerman said his second favorite episode from 2022 was Episode 43 that aired on May 10, 2022, and included Dr. Jack Britt, Dr. Jimena LaPorta, Dr. Eric Ciappio, Dr. Pete Hansen and Dr. Clay Zimmerman as guests. 17:41

Dr. Zimmerman mentioned this episode featured the mini-symposium, highlighting utero influences on transgenerational challenges and performance in dairy cattle. 18:31

Episode 43:…

Ranking second for Scott Sorrell was Episode 38. This episode is one of the Legacy Series, where we celebrate industry pioneers and their impact on the industry. Specifically, this Legacy Series episode honored Dr. Peter J. Van Soest and his impact in the animal nutrition world. The episode aired on March 1, 2022, and featured guests Dr. Mary Beth Hall, Dr. Mike Van Amburgh and Dr. David Mertens. 25:30

Episode 38:…

Dr. Zimmerman said his top episode pick for the year was Episode 48. The episode aired on July 19, 2022 and featured guests Dr. Turner Schwarz and Dr. Joe McFadden. 35:17

He said the episode was recorded at the American Dairy Science Association’s Annual Meeting (ADSA) and featured graduate and research students. Additionally, he added his favorite part of the episode was experiencing the talented future industry leaders. 37:15

Episode 48:…

Scott Sorrell said his top pick was Episode 56 that was recorded at the World Dairy Expo and aired on November 8, 2022. The episode featured the Bateman family from Utah and highlighted their virtual farm tour presentation. Joining in for Episode 56 and its discussion was guests Brad Bateman, Jason Bateman, Steve Bateman and Laun Hall. 38:21

He added that not only was Wayne Bateman a patriarch of the family and industry, but overall, the family represents strong dairy values and a love of their livestock and land. Beyond the podcast being extra special, Scott also mentioned the process of videotaping their family farm was just as memorable. 39:40

Watch the Virtual Farm Tour:

Episode 56:…

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