Zinc Function

Zinc Chelates
Posted: mayo 16, 2022

It is vital that plants maintain a proper balance of nutrients to maximize growth efficiency and yield. One of the most important nutrients for plants is zinc. Zinc is vital for new growth of leaves and in activating many enzymatic systems within a plants physiology. It is a key component in stem growth, flower bud formation, leaf production, production of chlorophyll, and fruit and crop growth.  

When deficiencies occur, it can be detrimental to the healthy productivity of a plant and fruit yield. Since zinc is relatively slow moving in the plant, it can be difficult to correct deficiencies properly. Metalosate® Zinc is powered by Albion technology, meaning the zinc is chelated with amino acids and can move through the plant very efficiently. Growers can see results in a matter of days when they treat with Metalosate versus competitive products that may take much longer.1  

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