Evaluate the Efficacy of Albion B5 Compared to Brandt Smart Trio when Applied with Glyphosate for Weed Control and Yield Enhancement on Soybeans under Field Conditions

May-Oct 2015 – 2015 Evaluation of the efficacy of Albion® Big 5™ compared to competitor product when applied with Glyphosate for weed control and yield enhancement on soybeans under field conditions 2015 and 2016 study. Total weed control was significantly different among treatments, with the Buccaneer plus alone providing 97% control. When applied with the competitor foliar fertilizer product, there was a significant decrease in weed control ratings by 25%. Metalosate® Big 5™ had 87.5% control in combination with Buccaneer plus, a 15% increase compared to the competitor product for weed control

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