marzo 11, 2021


May-July 2001 – This paper describes the first Metalosate program designed for Blueberries. Established in Oregon, the program set up …
marzo 11, 2021

Metalosate Trials in Chile

2008 – This article shows Metalosate results from Chile. – Blue berry nursery Metalosate Crop-Up sprays significantly increased the growth, …
marzo 11, 2021

Evaluation of the application leaf of Calcium and Boron in pre-harvest and post-harvest of blueberry about parameters Nutritional and of quality of fruit grow DUKE

2016-2017 – Blue berry fruit nutritional evaluation. Metalosate Calcium and Boron were applied in different moments and combinations. The results …
marzo 11, 2021

Evaluation of the effect of the application of Metalosate Calcium, Metalosate Boron and Metalosate Potassium on the quality of Blueberry.

– Blue berry fruit quality and yield evaluation with a Metalosate program (Ca, B and K). Metalosate treatment increased bound …

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