Tree Fruit Nutrition

Posted: abril 29, 2022

Global competition increases pressure on agriculture practitioners to produce higher-quality, affordable food products. Prosperous growers must achieve financial and ecological sustainability by using resources productively, implementing new best practices effectively, managing risks wisely, and maximizing return on the investment in crops.  

Fertilizers are an important investment each grower makes in their crops. They must maximize their investment by balancing primary and secondary nutrients along with micronutrients. Without adequate amounts of each nutrient available at a particular growth stage, the full potential of the crop cannot be achieved. 

Chelation is the process of attaching a specific organic molecule to a mineral in two places, that protects the mineral from adverse reactions. Balchem’s Metalosate products, powered by Albion Technology, chelates nutrients with amino acids, the basic building blocks of all protein found in living things. This provides an advantage because it increases the absorption and translocation of minerals in plants to create balanced nutrients. Metalosate products contain true amino acid chelates.

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