New Product Concepts at SupplySide West

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Montvale, New Jersey, (27 September, 2023)

Balchem, a global manufacturer of specialty ingredients for human nutrition and health (HNH), is set to showcase its latest innovations at this year’s SupplySide West exhibition, focusing on three key pillars: innovate, integrate and illuminate. Championing integration across its wide range of product brands – including K2VITAL®, VitaCholine®, Albion® Minerals, and OptiMSM® – Balchem invites visitors to sample new application concepts that combine multiple ingredients for enhanced benefits. The company is also highlighting its plant-based powders, with plans to unveil an oat-milk-based creamer in a coffee Frappuccino prototype, which can be tasted at the booth. 

Integrate: Uncovering New Synergies    

Visitors are invited to taste Balchem’s first-of-a-kind prototypes on the stand, developed to inspire formulators and shape next-generation solutions that tackle multiple health categories. Combining a range of Balchem’s HNH branded ingredients, these new concepts include UpLift Mood Melts, featuring VitaCholine® to support adult cognition, an Accentuate Beauty Stick for longevity and the UpCharge Bar for enhanced performance. The company will also spotlight the synergies between Albion® Minerals and K2VITAL® DELTA, the world’s only patented microencapsulated all-trans vitamin K2 MK-7 preparation for use in combination with minerals.1 Encapsulated twice, the exceptional stability of K2VITAL® DELTA allows manufacturers to blend it with the highly bioavailable chelated minerals, such as Albion® Minerals, without compromising efficacy. 

In the past few years, we’ve made some strategic brand acquisitions, and I must say, I’m genuinely excited about the synergy among our integrated branded ingredients. We are looking forward to discussing the fresh formulation possibilities with our partners at SupplySide West. Science has always been a beacon for us. The existing research suggests that a combination of vitamins K2 and D3 can significantly benefit health.2,3,4 Now, we’re moving from the perfect pair to the ‘perfect trio’, combining K2VITAL® DELTA, vitamin D3, and magnesium from Albion® Minerals. Considering the impressive surge in the magnesium category, this mix promises manufacturers a unique edge.” 

Dominik Mattern, VP Science, Business Development and Marketing Balchem Human Nutrition and Health

Innovate: A Taste of the Future 

Balchem’s Powders and Cereals division is set to reveal the expansion of its lipid-based powder offering at this year’s exhibition with the launch of VitalBlend™ MCT 7202 NG – a high-energy source that enhances both texture and taste in food and beverage applications, while supporting health and vitality. In addition, the company plans to debut RICHMIX® 3807 – a premium cold-water-soluble creamer that comes in different flavours and colours, perfect for popular beverages such as iced coffees, smoothies, or frozen desserts. Visitors are also invited to discover two plant-based alternatives at the Balchem stand – VitalBlend™ Pea Organic 5023, a vegan palm-oil-based pea protein creamer for use in a wide range of applications, and RICHMIX® 4808, an allergen-free, plant-based powder that can effectively substitute dairy-based spray dried lipid powders in beverage formulations. 

Illuminate: Shining a Light on Quality, Transparency & Research   

At the show Balchem will also highlight its commitment to quality, transparency and research with two programs – TruQuality for K2VITAL® and TRAACS (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System) for Albion® Minerals – which have been developed with the aim of forging an ethical marketplace, where both customers and end users can trust the products they choose. As part of the TruQuality initiative, Balchem has recently joined forces with a third party-laboratory, Alkemist Labs, to address rising concerns regarding vitamin K2 quality in the US market – particularly for online channels. Together, their collective mission is to enhance transparency, authenticity and safety within the industry.   

On the final day of the event, Thursday 26th October at 11:30 a.m., at booth #3677, Eric Ciappo, Balchem’s Strategic Development Manager, Nutrition Science, will host a presentation entitled “Unlocking the promise of health span with science-backed ingredients”. Visitors are invited to attend the session to find out more about Balchem’s most recent scientific research – including a new OptiMSM® study on hair health to inspire innovation in the beauty-from-within category and an exciting VitaCholine® study on cognition.   

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  1. Patent owned by BASF. Kappa Bioscience has an exclusive license. 
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