Attitude and Usage (A&U) Study:  Consumers’ Redefined Path to Wellness

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Posted: June 15, 2023

We partnered with the FRC to conduct a large-scale Attitude and Usage Study (A&U) that consisted of 600 consumers across the United States on an online panel. The study trial lasted from Nov. 11–17, 2021, consisted of participants between the ages of 18-65 to include current vitamin, mineral and supplement (VMS) users and non-users.   

The purpose was to uncover the white spaces to help businesses understand the trends and spark innovation tactics to meet consumers’ needs. Discovering how consumers truly feel about certain products can feel like a fruitless task. Spending hours checking online reviews and forums, can be useful, but research is meaningless without one crucial component: The Big Picture.  

This is where an Attitude and Usage Study (A&U) can help. 

What is A&U Study?

An A&U Study is a type of market research that focuses on understanding consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and usage patterns related to a specific product or brand. It involves collecting data through surveys, interviews, or focus groups to explore consumer beliefs, opinions, emotional responses, usage patterns, and purchasing behavior. This research can help businesses gain valuable insights into consumer preferences, target markets, and marketing effectiveness. All the subsequent data collected from the study is then used to make informed decisions regarding product development, branding, and advertising strategies. 

Our A&U Study focuses on 4 primary key areas:  

Disrupted Consumer

  • Trends are always in flux, but the recent global health crisis created changes in consumer behavior that are here to stay. There was a disruption across all categories of consumers and mindsets, around the world. People have emerged from this period of recalibration, reflection, and resilience with a changed mindset on how they think about health. The disrupted consumer has redefined wellness and prioritized living a meaningful and purposeful life. 


  • Longevity is evolving and has significance across generations. Consumers don’t just want to live longer, but they want to be active and look younger for longer as well. Current products are falling short of consumer satisfaction. Our study provides key trends and insights based off consumer trends and insights that can help close the gap between businesses and their target audience, fostering stronger connections and more effective strategies. 



  • Immune support continues to be an important consumer motivator as it’s linked to overall well-being. Our A&U Study demonstrates why older consumers are especially interested in finding ways to boost the health of their immune systems and how to target them. 

Time to dive deeper

Together, we can create ways to serve new wellness needs and offer consumers the products they’ve been searching for. Click the link below to schedule a meeting and hear more about the A&U Study to include: 

  • Access to top research firms 
  • Syndicated and custom research 
  • Consumer-validated concept tests  

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