Metalosate® Big 5™ Supporting Corn and Soybean Production

Corn and Soybean Production with Metalosate® Big 5™
Posted: June 23, 2023

In the 2021-2022 season farmers produced 1.2 billion tons of corn and 355 million tons of soybeans. Not only do these crops feed people but they feed billions of animals globally, including the ones that produce animal-based protein. Without corn and soybeans, it would be difficult for people to meet their nutritional needs. Farmers must use many types of technology to meet their goals of increased yields and quality while decreasing their footprint. In recent years, foliar applications and micronutrient applications have become increasingly important to help maximize yields and plant health. With this in mind, Balchem developed Metalosate® Big 5™, a tailor-made product for the corn and soybean industries.

Unique Nutrient Needs:

Metalosate Big 5 contains five key minerals for corn and soybean production. This includes Manganese, Zinc, Boron, Sulfur and Nitrogen. It also contains amino acid chelated minerals to promote growth, increase movement and provide energy. These nutrients all play a crucial role in different physiological processes within the plant and affect other nutrients’ uptake. Our team carefully identified and formulated each included nutrient to ensure these plants were getting the proper balance needed to maximize growth, efficiency and health.

Overcoming Specific Challenges

The corn and soybean industries also must utilize herbicides, fungicides and insecticides to meet their particular challenges. Without these chemicals, yield loss can be catastrophic. However, some of these products reduce the organisms that promote nutrient uptake in plants. Manganese uptake suffers particularly, which leads to additional hurdles since it plays a key role in photosynthesis, plant hardiness, and production of fats and oils. By supplementing plants with an amino acid chelated Manganese, plants’ uptake of nutrients and those processes improve. In this way the combination of these chemicals delivers a synergistic effect for plant health, quality and yields.

Sustainable solution:

Over 90 percent of the Metalosate product applied penetrates leaves, which means less product to be washed off in rainwater or into the water table. That means less wasted product and more economic sustainability, and less environmental impact and better environmental sustainability. Metalosate delivers a win-win for sustainability efforts.

Nutrition Delivered:

The corn and soybean industries must use every tool available to maximize production and Metalosate Big 5 can help them do so. Through Balchem’s many trials, we have seen this product increase production in a very real way. By supplying these nutrients, farmers can realize better plant health, yield, and quality. That’s Nutrition Delivered.


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