TOP 2023 TRENDS: Evolving trends in Health and Nutrition

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Posted: January 19, 2023

2023 Trend Picks: A curated list of evolving trends in Health & Nutrition

Are you ready to take on 2023?

Through a lens of Health & Nutrition, Balchem® has identified five key trends that are evolving to reach new heights. You see this occurring with Immune Health, which has taken on greater meaning with consumers, intersecting with other trends like sleep, stress, and gut health to fuel growth (more on this below).

Discover ways to run with them to drive growth in 2023 and beyond!

1. Let’s Get Functional

Consumers demand more benefits from the foods and beverages they consume and greater alignment with their daily routines. According to NBJ, consumer sales of functional food & beverages grew 8.3% in 2021 and are on track to reach nearly $100B by 2024, fueled by a focus on hydration, energy, focus, digestion, and sleep.1

Nearly 60% of global consumers always or usually select beverages for healthful reasons that go beyond hydration according to HealthFocus International.2 Based on recent findings from Tastewise, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about functional benefits with 18% of Americans calling out the health benefits of their food & beverage when sitting down to eat. Moreover, consumers will expect functional benefits that closely align with their meal occasions. Social listening reveals that discussions around energy at breakfast time have increased by 14% YoY. 2 


Choose ingredients that link functional benefits to meal occasions, like Z-Crisps® as a source of protein or VitaShure® encapsulated caffeine as a breakfast energy source.

2. The Mood Movement

Maintaining good mental/emotional health is considered a key contributor to overall health for 86% of consumers globally according to HealthFocus International. This sentiment is most strongly expressed by younger consumers, with more than 60% of 18-29 adults actively selecting foods and beverages to improve their mood.2  Mood and Mental Health supplements grew 11.5% to $1.3B in 2021 with double-digit growth expected through 2025.1

Energy benefits are now associated with emotional health. In fact, physical energy, feeling good and mental energy are the top energy benefits that interest global consumers.2  Consumers are also incorporating wellness apps that focus on mood and empowerment into their daily routines.  


Leverage the power of positivity across all consumer touchpoints from messaging to product and package design. Consider adaptogens like Ashwagandha and minerals like MetaMag® magnesium bisglycinate chelate to support relaxation as well as tools to support a healthy mindset.

3. Plant-Based Conundrum

According to Tastewise, consumers talk about health 12x more than sustainability when eating plant-based suggesting that personal health comes first.3 While the plant-based movement is strong, HealthFocus International reveals that only 50% of consumers consider plant-based products as “healthier” and even fewer (33%) regard plant-based as more sustainable.2

Consumers are also seeking more nutrient density in Snacks, according to SPINS, with YoY double-digit growth occurring in plant-based ingredients.4

Plant-based alternatives will need a reboot to better address nutrient density as a benefit and sustainability as an assurance in a quantifiable way. As these two components strengthen, it will stimulate greater consumer demand moving forward.


Fortify plant-based foods and beverages with meaningful levels of nutrients to support health benefit claims. Albion® Minerals are chelated to promote optimal tolerability, giving consumers a bioavailable and digestive-friendly experience. Greater bioavailability delivers a higher dose and can reduce cost-in-use vs other forms.

4. We the Women

One-half of the world’s population is women, and they account for 80% of consumer purchasing decisions in the healthcare industry, yet women’s health has been considered a niche market.5  In the OTC (over-the-counter) supplements industry, Women’s General Health, Prenatal/Postnatal Health, and Menopause combined market share in the U.S. is estimated at 7.1% in 2022.1

As women around the world become more empowered, the opportunity exists to address their health & wellness needs head-on. Once considered taboo, health issues like PMS (premenstrual syndrome), Menopause, Infertility, Libido, and Stress are now front and center. In the U.S. consumer interest in Women’s Health claims increased by 37% YoY and Menopause Health claims by 72% YoY according to Tastewise.3

Health and empowerment go hand in hand, so filling key nutrient gaps like calcium, vitamin D, iron, and choline for prenatal health is paramount.


Explore ways to seamlessly integrate nutrients within the daily diet of women. Ingredients like VitaCholine® to support maternal health are key. In a recent study, pregnant women who combined their supplemental DHA with VitaCholine® significantly improved their DHA status better than those supplementing with alone.6 Since nearly 1 in 10 (9.6%) women ages 20-49y in the United States are estimated to have an iron deficiency7Ferrochel® ferrous bisglycinate chelate is more bioavailable than other iron forms.8

5. “Stealthy” Immunity   

Health and Wellness and Immune Health continue to grow in importance, remaining the top two reasons for taking supplements in 2022.9  

Findings from a recent U.S.-based study conducted by Balchem® on consumer attitudes & usage in health & nutrition suggest that consumers are evaluating many aspects of their life through an “immune health” lens. They are more aware of their vulnerability and immune support will continue to be an important consumer motivator.10

The face of Immunity is expanding its reach to adjacent categories like Sleep, Stress, and Gut Health. Immune Health is also central to longevity. A staggering 85% pf global launches that leverage minerals for immunity claims now include some other health claim, affording consumers more opportunities to build immune stealth.11    

Balchem’s Immunity Community is a trusted group of key opinion leaders and influencers, scientists, research and development engineers, manufacturing professionals, and marketers. We bring the latest consumer research and market trends, combined with nutrition science, production, and formulation expertise, to help you get to the market faster and more effectively. CLICK HERE to discover more about our Immunity Community.


Innovate within the whitespace of Immune Health and explore messaging that positions Immune Health as a badge of honor, a reflection of personal commitment to wellness. Leverage stealthy ingredients like minerals within your product solutions. Zinc Max, a zinc bisglycinate chelate by Albion® Minerals containing 27% elemental zinc, supplies superior absorption vs. other zinc forms.12


Balchem® Human Health and Nutrition is a global leader, providing solutions that delight and nourish – from indulgence and sensory experiences to targeted essential nutrition. Engage with us to discover how our resources can enable your differentiation in the market.

Disclaimers: These statements have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Product users are advised to make their own determination of safety, suitability, and regulatory allowance of the intended use of the product referenced herein.


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