Choline and Iron for Kids’ Health: The Superheroes of Nutrition

Kids in superhero costumes
Posted: August 7, 2023

Attention to all superhero parents! When it comes to fueling your little ones’ superpowers it’s crucial to ensure they get the right nutrients. Today, we are shining the spotlight on two important nutrients that often fly under the radar: Choline and Iron. Let’s dive a little deeper into why these nutrients are essential for your little ones’ well-being!  

Choline: The Brain Best Friend

Get ready to unlock the superhero potential of your kids’ brains with Choline. It is like a secret agent. Choline is needed to support acetylcholine which is an important neurotransmitter for mood, memory, and muscle control(1). You can find choline in super delicious foods like eggs, fish, beef, and beans(1). By making sure your little ones get enough choline, you are giving their brains the resources they need to help conquer challenges that come their way. In the United States, less than 10% of kids aged 9-18y get enough choline in their diets(2), so choline-rich foods or dietary supplements that contain choline can help your little superhero bridge the gap! 

Iron: Powering Super Growth  

When it comes to growth and energy, iron takes center stage. Iron is the superhero mineral that helps produce red blood cells and transport oxygen throughout the body(3). Approximately 12% of infants aged 6-11 months in the U.S. have inadequate iron intake(4), and nearly 7% of children aged 1-5y are estimated to be iron deficient – or roughly 1.35 million children in the US(5). This is more than twice the population of Washington, DC(6)!  Iron deficiency can have negative effects on cognitive development among infants and can lead to fatigue and weakened immunity (4, 7). With enough iron, your little ones will have the energy to play, explore and be their superhero selves.   

Bridging the Gap

  • Superhero meals: Create meals that are not only delicious but also packed with choline and iron. Whip up omelets with choline-rich eggs, add spinach to smoothies, and sneak beans into their favorite dishes. Your little heroes won’t even know they are getting their nutrient power-ups! You can also let your kids participate in meal preparation, making it a fun and educational experience  
  • Encourage exploration: Introduce new foods to your kids’ palates by offering a variety of choline and iron-rich options. Create a sense of adventure and curiosity around trying new flavors and textures  
  • Supplement Sidekick: If you are concerned about nutrient gaps, consider teaming up with a pediatrician or a registered dietitian to find the right supplements for your child.  

Don’t let nutrient gaps hinder your kids’ health, optimal growth, and development. By addressing nutrient gaps in choline and iron, you are giving them more resources to improve their health journey. Remember, it’s all about providing nutrient-rich meals, exploring delicious food options, and ensuring they have the energy and power to conquer anything that comes their way. Together, let’s nourish our little heroes and watch them soar to greatness.  

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  • Iron plays an essential role in any activity, but particularly aerobic/endurance exercise.
  • Iron plays a role in other body functions that can have an indirect impact on performance such as by supporting overall immune health. 


  • VitaCholine® is the #1 leading choline brand globally and is the gold standard in infant nutrition. It is used in most leading infant formulas.
  • Choline is a basic building block for acetylcholine, a primary neurotransmitter that helps send messages in the brain and out to the muscles.


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