Feeding the World with Sustainable Agriculture

Posted: May 31, 2022

The global population continues to grow on our way to 9.7 billion people by 2050, all while arable land decreases. In fact, farmers need to produce enough food to feed people with just under half an acre per person. Growers must find new solutions for ecological and economic sustainability since sustainable agriculture is more critical than ever before. Sustainability remains a complex, multi-layered issue that cannot be solved with the click of a button. Balchem Plant Nutrition’s Metalosate liquid foliar line contributes to the sustainability equation in many ways.  

Feeding More People:

Metalosate has demonstrated effectiveness in over 300 crops over the past 40 years. Research shows that there can be improvements in yield, pack out, brix, shelf life and quality, plus a decrease in rot, split fruit, deficiency disease and damage. That means more food in the field and on grocery store shelves. That increases potential profitability and feeds more people in the process. Producing more food with less just makes sense. 

Over 25 percent of food goes to waste, the longer food can be kept from spoiling the longer it can be used. Metalosate can increase shelf life which allows growers to get more food to tables without wasting during packing or shipping before it can even reach consumers. Metalosate products containing Calcium, Boron and Magnesium all contribute to better shelf life and less food loss.  

Superior Environmental Conditions:   

Fertilizers in various forms have been scrutinized because of inadvertent environmental contamination. Metalosate foliar applications penetrate the leaves at a rate of 90 percent or greater. That means product does not sit on the leaves or in the soil leaching into the water table or polluting the environment. This protects the environment from accidental heavy metal pollution. That protects people, crops, animals and other ecological systems creating sustainable agriculture solutions.  

The increase in profitability and plant potential while decreasing spoiled food changes the game for plant growers. It keeps them profitable so they can continue to provide a safe and healthy food supply. By decreasing inputs and making sure these synthetics go where they should, in the plant, there is a decrease in environmental impacts. Metalosate provides a win-win for people, plants and the planet.  


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