Improving Almond Production with Metalosate

Almonds in Bowl
Posted: May 8, 2023

During the 2021-22 crop season the US produced over 1.3 million metric tons of almonds, and California alone produced about 80 percent of the world’s almonds. Considering global consumption of almonds reached 1.49 million tons in the same period this market is important to support and protect. Maximizing almond production is complex and multifaceted, but proper nutrition continues to be a vital part of any production system.

Metalosate® programs have been used to maximize almond production for decades. Recently Balchem® conducted a three-year trial to measure long term health, yield and quality of groves that utilize Metalosate.

Nut Set:

In year two, Metalosate treated trees started seeing higher nut sets with as much as a 9 percent increase in set. That means more nuts on the trees and more production on the bottom line. This did not surprise the Balchem team, since more balanced nutrition means healthier and more productive trees especially over time.

Nut Retention:

Retaining nuts after nut set translates into true value. Metalosate programs increased nut retention by 9.8 more percentage points than that of the grower standard. This means more nuts to market and more potential for profit.

Nut Meat:

Obviously producing more nut meat from a tree makes that tree a more productive part of the grove. In trials even in the first year Metalosate treated trees produced significantly more nut meat than the grower standard. Metalosate treated trees produced 5-6 percent more meat in year one and saw additional increases of up to 7 percent increases in year two. This increased yield helped growers increase their income by $250 – $425 per acre. That increased profitability creates real value for the production system.

Over Time

As trees become more balanced nutritionally over time their health increases and we expect to see a larger crop with better quality. Metalosate supports that nutrition and maintains that health by moving nutrients to growing points, including leaves, nuts and roots. This allows trees to more efficiently produce nuts. In year three this was most apparent, with a significant increase in total yield. Metalosate treated trees produced 9-15 percent more pounds per acre. So, while each year, there was positive momentum, over time this increase is compounded to even greater results.

Sustainable Solutions. Driven By Science.

Metalosate products work with the plants and drive results because the amino acid based chelated minerals have superior bioavailability. Metalosate products penetrate the leaf at a rate greater than 90 percent. This means the mineral gets into the plant without the risk of running off into the soil or water table. As shown above this creates healthier plants, hardier systems, and ultimately better returns. That’s Nutrition Delivered.


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