Magnesium Function in Tree Fruit

Magnesium Element
Posted: November 29, 2022

Plants, like all living things, require fully balanced nutrition in order to maximize growth. Growth and yield are becoming increasingly important as global agriculture practitioners are striving to find solutions to sustainably feed a growing population. Without adequate amounts of each nutrient at each growth stage, the full potential of the crop cannot be achieved. Magnesium is a micronutrient that is imperative for maximizing crop growth.  

Magnesium is the central core element of the chlorophyll molecule. Without it, a plant could not produce the food it needs to grow. Magnesium can be easily moved and translocated through the plant. Metalosate® Magnesium provides an amino acid chelated magnesium mineral to the plant through a foliar application. Since the amino acid is able to pass through the cuticle on the leaves which is the natural protective barrier the plant is able to translocate the mineral to the areas with the highest need. This results in higher growth and greater potential for plants to grow properly.


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