Calcium Function in Tree Fruit

Children's Health
Posted: February 24, 2023

Over 1 billion tons of food go to waste globally every single year.1 That is a startling amount of food waste. Some of this happens because food spoils quickly, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Calcium is a critical component of food production, shelf life and growth. Calcium has been shown to increase shelf-life of fruit and vegetables.  

Calcium is a vital component of cell walls and their integrity. Calcium promotes stem strength, new growth, nutrient production, and fruit firmness. Calcium deficiencies can be observed in several ways including disease or disorder in fruit (i.e., bitter bit, cork spot, etc.), death of growing points in plants, or premature rot. Applying Metalosate® Calcium to crops can increase growth and yield, decrease quality disorders, and increase shelf life. To learn more about how Metalosate Calcium can be used in particular crops contact your local Balchem Agronomist Representative.   

1 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2021). Food Wastage Footprint on Natural Resources Report. FAO - News Article: Food wastage: Key facts and figures 


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