American Dairy Science Association – Research Winners

Posted: July 21, 2022

Episode 48: American Dairy Science Association – Research Winners

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Today’s episode was recorded live at the American Dairy Science Association Annual Meeting in Kansas City, MO. Joining us are the ADSA research winners to discuss their projects.


Lautaro Rostoll joins us first. Lautaro is the president of ADSA’s Grad Student Division (GSD) program, which provides networking opportunities at the ADSA meetings in addition to professional development opportunities. Lautaro is wrapping up his time as president.

Our next guests are Dr. Corwin Nelson from the University of Florida and Kari Estes with Balchem giving us the judge’s perspective on the contest. Each student is judged on four major categories including presentation, design, how they interpret results and the data itself. Kari said the enthusiasm of the students was the highlight for her.

Third, we have Alisson Da Mota Santos from Michigan State University who presented on the effectiveness of GnRH as a resynchronization tool in lactating dairy cows. The main findings of the study were that treatments were effective in synchronizing cows.

Next up is Jackson Seminara from Cornell University, winner of the PhD poster contest, discussing calcium dynamics and associated patterns of milk constituents in early lactation multiparous Holsteins. Cows with different calcium dynamics have different milk profiles, and the healthy cows had higher levels of proteins.

Ursula Abou-Rjeileh and Dr. Andres Contreras from Michigan State joined us as the winner of the masters oral presentation. The study topic was oleic acid limits lipolysis and improves mitochondrial function in adipose tissue from periparturient dairy cows. The focus on oleic acid was to determine how it minimizes body condition score loss. The results showed oleic acid increased insulin sensitivity, minimized lipid mobilization and improved mitochondrial function.

Thaina Minela, also from Michigan State, spoke about her project. Her results showed that lactating cows inseminated following estrus have greater early pregnancy losses compared to the fertility program Double-Ovsynch. Thaina won the PhD oral competition.

Our final guest is Conor McCabe from the University of California Davis. Conor just finished a term as Dairy Production Manager and is continuing on as the ADSA GSD Vice President in 2022. Looking forward, ADSA will be in Ottawa in 2023 and wants to look at ADSA as more than just a place for students to present their research. Conor mentioned a possible mentorship program available for GSD coming up.

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