Antibiotic-Free Poultry Research: Optimize Product Understanding Through Thoughtful Design – Dr. Matthew Jones, Southern Poultry Research Group

Dr. Matthew Jones, Southern Poultry Research Group

Dr. Matthew Jones is an Athens, Georgia-based poultry scientist using his background in both veterinary medicine and nutrition to help facilitate tailored applied poultry experiments. Originally from the City of Roses (Thomasville, Georgia), Matthew traveled to the University of Georgia in Athens for undergraduate studies in 2008. After studying avian biology and biological science, he completed a doctorate in veterinarian medicine from UGA as well as a PhD in Poultry Science. During his graduate studies, Matthew’s area of focus was the influence of various feed additives on digestibility and enteric health under the advisement of Dr. Adam Davis. Matthew worked as Director of Research and Technical Services for Azomite Mineral Products where he gained additional experience in applied research and feed manufacturing. His current role at the Southern Poultry Research Group requires involvement in many aspects of applied poultry research with an emphasis on challenge models allowing him to merge and further his understanding of both veterinary medicine and nutritional health.