Corporate Governance


Balchem Corporation is committed to having strong corporate governance practices that allocate rights and responsibilities among the Company's stockholders, Board of Directors and management in a manner that enhances shareholder value. Our corporate governance practices are designed not just to satisfy regulatory requirements, but to provide for the effective oversight and management of the Company.


Corporate Officers

Ted Harris
President and CEO
Frank J. Fitzpatrick
Vice President of Administration, Assistant Secretary
David F. Ludwig
Vice President/General Manager, Specialty and Industrial Products
Matthew Houston
General Counsel
William A. Backus
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
John Kuehner
Vice President, Operations

Board of Directors


Ted Harris, President, CEO and Chairman

Edward McMillan
Owns and operates McMillan, LLC, a transaction-consulting firm that provides strategic consulting services. Past president and CEO of Purina Mills.
John Televantos, PhD.
Executive Vice President, Arsenal Capital Partners, Inc.
Perry W. Premdas
Former Chief Financial Officer of Celanese AG.
Paul D. Coombs
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Tetra Technologies, Inc.
David B. Fischer
Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Greif, Inc.
Matthew Wineinger
President of United Sugars Corporation



Committee Charters and Business Policies



Balchem's Ethics and Business Policies