Farm Success Stories

Watch this short video and listen to the success story of Italian farm Società Agricola Zilio, 1,100 cows in milk.

“We are open to new idea, but they must work. And I must say” – Alex Zilio comments – “that thanks to Balchem ​​expertise, and the inclusion of ReaShure-XC and NiaShure in the ration, we saw an increase in milk production of about 2.4 liters/head/day, without forgetting the significant reduction of post-partum events such as retained placenta, dislocation of the abomasum and metritis.”

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Key Advantages of ReaShure-XC

Advanced Technology, Proven Results

The ReaShure line is proven to deliver results throughout an animals’ life.

  • 2,10 kg of milk per day improvement, or 640,50 kg more milk over the full lactation.
  • Proven reduction in metabolic disorders including ketosis, displaced abomasum and subclinical milk fever.
  • In utero impact on the calf, leading to growth and health improvements.

Customer Resources

For more information on ReaShure-XC, make sure to check out our product information, technical reports, research summaries and other resources.

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