Key Advantages of ReaShure-XC

Advanced Technology, Proven Results

The ReaShure line is proven to deliver results throughout an animals’ life.

  • 2,10 kg of milk per day improvement, or 640,50 kg more milk over the full lactation.
  • Proven reduction in metabolic disorders including ketosis, displaced abomasum and subclinical milk fever.
  • In utero impact on the calf, leading to growth and health improvements.

Customer Resources

For more information on ReaShure-XC, make sure to check out our product information, technical reports, research summaries and other resources.

Title Link
Effect of Feeding Rumen-Protected Choline on Performance, Health and Reproduction of Dairy Cows View
Effect of ReaShure® Rumen-Protected Choline on Performance, Blood Metabolites, and Hepatic Triacylglycerols of Periparturient Dairy Cattle View
Effect of Rumen-Protected Choline Supplementation on Liver and Adipose Gene Expression During the Transition Period in Dairy Cattle View
Effects of Supplementation with Ruminally-Protected Choline on Performance of Multiparous Holstein Cows View
Meta-Analysis of Transition Cow Studies Examining the Effects of Supplementing Rumen-Protected Choline to Transition Dairy Cows View

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