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TrenDishTM by Balchem® Bakery Tasting Concepts and Inclusions Quad Pack

Transform any bakery item into a unique work of art and flavor! INhance™ Inclusions bring baked goods to life!

Baked goods will never be the same! Balchem offers solutions to all your flavor needs and we even added a unique “sparkle” to the mix!

Ask about our “GLIMMER” Inclusions! Who wouldn’t want glitter cupcakes?!?! Don’t miss your chance to get your sample and experience our Bakery Concepts and Inclusions Quad Pack for FREE!

Request your sample or contact us to participate in a TrenDish™ Consumer Trends session virtually, in person, or both! Invite your innovation team and we’ll discuss the consumer trends that inspired these flavors and experiences.  Insights from our own research inform consumer trends with “staying power,” and how this can translate to food innovation. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our TrenDishTM Ice Cream & Variegate Flights!

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2022 Bakery Concepts & Inclusions Quad Pack Concept Card Cover

Bakery Concept Card & Fact Sheet

Check out the TrenDishTM by Balchem® where each concept includes three (3) unique bakery concept and four (4) stand-alone inclusions developed based on consumer trend research.

View our TrenDishTM Concept Card and Fact Sheet for more information.

Corn Cookie

TrenDish Corn Cookie Bakery Logo & ImageThis unique corn cookie rocks the tart fruit flavor of cranberry with a hint of bergamot and savory hazelnut.

DV9002-00878-01 Bergamot & Cranberry Inclusions MF
DV9002-00886-00 Hazelnut Flavored Inclusions MF

Honey Blossoms

TrenDish Honey Blossoms Bakery Logo & PictureEnjoy the subtle sweetness of honey and tartness from rosehips in this bitesize cornbread.

DV9002-00883-00 Rosehip Honey Inclusions MF
BakeShure® 250 Encapsulated Sorbic Acid

Native Harvest

TrenDish Native Harvest Bakery Logo & PictureComforting maple, combined with the mild sweetness of apples, and earthiness of walnuts lends itself to a pleasantly sweet roll.

DV9002-00880-01 Maple Toasted Walnut & Apple
Inclusions NF
BakeShure® 250 Encapsulated Sorbic Acid

Glimmer Pink Vanilla

TrenDish GLIMMER™ Pink Vanilla & flowersDV9002-00847-00-MF

Gooey Raspberry NTN

Fresh Gooey Raspberry BowlDV9002-00877-00-RF

Maple Bacon NTN

2022 TrenDish Maple Bacon NTN (Plant-based)(Plant-based)


No Sugar Added Chocolate

TrenDish No Sugar Added ChocolateDV9002-00881-01

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*Food for research and evaluation use only – Not for Sale. Please see the Product Fact Sheet for ingredients. *Concepts shown are for demonstration purposes only. Ingredient users are solely responsible for ensuring compliance of formulation and labeling (inclusive of claims) with applicable regulations. Please note, we will not sell your contact information to any 3rd party agencies. furthermore, this request is solely for the purpose of requesting a sample. All communications will be handled via email. However, we ask customers to provide a phone number as a precaution, and would only be used if we needed to contact you with any questions about this request. OTHER LIMITATIONS MAY APPLY.

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